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The ephemeral miniconf - Call for lightning talks

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A bit more than one weeks ago, I announced the tentative planning for the ephemeral miniconf that will take place the 18th of november 2021.

I'm very proud that all slots were filled very quickly and I'm also very happy with the speakers that I presented in dedicated blog posts:

(I also plan to speak but I did not write a post about myself 😀)


Call to lightning talk speakers

If the "normal" slots are filled, I'm still looking for lightning talk speakers.

Giving a lightning talk is very easy, it's short (less than 5 min and it don't have to be close to 5 min, it can be 1 min) and can be funny or an advertisement or presenting a module or a short technical presentation...

So come on guys, let's join the speakers side!

(contact me at

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