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The ephemeral miniconf - Connection infos!

The Ephemeral Miniconf is planned on thursday 18th of november 2021!

Flyer the ephemeral miniconf

Have you heard about The Ephemeral Miniconf ?

It's a Perl/Raku free and online miniconf that will take place on Zoom!

Think "TPRCiC" but way smaller/shorter and with only one track :)

Single day, single track, Perl, Raku and fun.

I'm honored to have some experienced speakers about Perl, GitHub, Devops, LDAP etc... You will enjoy I promise!

More informations on the website.

I can give you already the Zoom connections informations:

Meeting ID: 818 6906 5466
Pass: 42

Or use the invitation link 😀

It's planned at 3pm UTC+1 (Paris time) so check the timezone planner to know when it is for you.

It's in the morning if you're in US, in the afternoon if you're in Europe and very late if you're in Asia or Australia (sorry).

The planning will be something like this:

(it could last longer or change a bit inside the range, like shifting talks, but at the moment here it is)

I'm also possibly preparing some surprises that I don't want to reveal for now.

So my message is basically, it's coming, book your calendar and I'm looking forward to see you at The Ephemeral Miniconf!

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