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The ephemeral miniconf - Clement Oudot

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Speaker announcement: Clement Oudot

When I tried to find speakers for the ephemeral miniconf, I contacted (or "bothered" or "spammed") some french people that I knew could give very interesting talks. And I'm very happy that it worked!

Clement Oudot is a strong Open Source (or even "Open standard") believer, and as such he is part of the board of CNLL and OW2.

Clement Oudot

He is also an expert in LDAP and more in general directories, IAM, authentication etc...


Clement will present LemonLDAP::NG which you probably already know since it's a major implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Announcing Clement Oudot

Discussion (2)

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Mark Gardner

Will all of these talks be in English or will some be in French or other languages?

thibaultduponchelle profile image
Tib Author

English or Perlish! 😀