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The ephemeral miniconf - Adam Russell

Speaker announcement: Adam Russell

Adam is a Sr. Principal Engineer with Optum. His primary work is with Graph Databases and developing graph based applications and analytics, with a broader interest in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Previous uses of Perl include all the code for his PhD dissertation which was in the areas of Computational Geometry and Data Visualization.

Adam uses Perl extensively for algorithm development and rapid prototyping purposes in his current work. He also runs the Perl CS discord (a server about Perl and algoritms 😃) and blogs frequently on his personal blog and also on livejournal (being often featured in PerlWeekly!).

Adam Russell

He can be found on Twitter @adamcrussell


Adam plans on speaking on developing game playing AIs using Perl. In particular, a generalized game playing framework he is working on to facilitate reproducible results in that area.

Game and AI

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