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The ephemeral miniconf - Juan Julián Merelo

Speaker announcement: Juan Julián Merelo

The ephemeral miniconf is a Perl and Raku miniconf or maybe it's a Raku and Perl miniconf 😀

It's with great pleasure that I present today one of the first speaker that joined the miniconf ☺️

Speaker annoucement - Juan Julián Merelo

Juan Julián Merelo is a very experienced Perl and Raku developer, a professor, a researcher and most of all a major community pilar.

I wanted to insist on this point since Juan Julián Merelo gave several talks and even recently managed the organization of the Raku (and Perl) room at FOSDEM 2021.

He also recently published a couple of books on Raku! ❤️


Juan Julián Merelo from his own bio:
"JJ Merelo is a Perl user since 1993. He has used it continously at his day job as professor at the University of Granada, contributed to CPAN since 2001 and participated in two YAPC conferences talking about evolutionary algorithms in Perl and organised YAPC 2015. He's known to engage people who say that other languages are better than Perl, specially those who, besides, think that vim is better than emacs. Recently published a book about Perl 6."

emacs is better than vim 😯


Top Secret

From my secret infos, Juan Julián Merelo should talk about Raku Perl and GitHub actions.

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