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tsParticles 1.42.1 Released

tsParticles 1.42.0 Changelog

Options Updates

New numeric values are now randomizable, using the { min, max } object instead of the numeric value. The list of the new randomizable options are:

  • particles.move.attract.distance
  • particles.move.angle.offset
  • particles.move.angle.value
  • particles.orbit.opacity
  • particles.orbit.radius
  • particles.orbit.width
  • particles.repulse.distance
  • particles.repulse.duration
  • particles.repulse.factor
  • particles.repulse.speed
  • particles.roll.darken.value
  • particles.roll.enlighten.value
  • particles.rotate.animation.speed
  • particles.tilt.animation.speed
  • particles.twinkle.lines.opacity
  • particles.twinkle.particles.opacity

These are the core options, also every animation object now can have randomizable count and speed properties.

Absorbers and Emitters plugin options now have randomizable coordinates, the { min, max } can be set to their position.x and position.y values instead of a single numeric.

tsParticles 1.42.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue with 0 values on x and y properties of emitters position options

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