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10 Podcasts for Developers in 2019

There are very few good things about having a commute to work every day. Dev podcasts is one of them. You can learn something new, keep up with the latest and greatest and even in some cases be entertained (looking at you Soft Skills Engineering!). Here my list of top 10 podcasts I listen to today in no particular order.*

*I subscribe to way more podcasts than this, but in the spirit of brevity I am cutting the list to 10.

Shoptalk Show

Dave Rupert, Chris Coyier
Front end focused show about design and development of modern websites. Dave and Chris are always worth listening whether they have a guests or not. In fact, their "rapid fire" episodes where they answer questions of their listeners are one of my favorites.

The React Podcast

Chantastic, Michael Jackson
You can probably guess what this show is about. That's right, it is about VueJS (jk). Chantastic and Michael does a great job talking to a wide variety of guests directly or tangentially related to React ecosystem. In fact, they recently did a great episode with React core team about its future. It is a must for those of us who are in React world!

Track Changes

Paul Ford, Rich Ziade
Not strictly speaking development podcasts, however, it is one of my favorites. Paul (of What is Code fame) and Rich are co-founders of Postlight digital product studio in NYC. Their musings about current state of technology, weird rants about social media and ever so interesting guests makes it a delight to listen.

.NET Rocks

Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell
If you are in JS ecosystem, do not be put off by the title of the podcast. It is one of the longest running shows in town, focusing on all sides of technology. It can be a little Microsoft centric in terms of guests but it always delivers high quality content, great conversations and "geekouts" which delve deeply in a topic that expand your horizons. Carl and Richard are pros at what they do and other podcasts have a lot to learn from them.

The Changelog

Adam Stacoviak, Jerod Santo
What makes Changelog special is high production quality and excellent guests. Focusing mostly on Open Source, Adam and Jerod delivers every time. If you want to be in the know of what is going on in the industry I think this is a great way to do so. One of the recent episodes with Dominic Tarr (event-stream incident for those who do not know) was excellent.


Scott Tolinski, Wes Bos
This is one of the youngest podcasts in the list. Scott and Wes covers JS ecosystem and latest and greatest technologies, frameworks, libraries, you name it. If you are familiar with their courses, you can expect the same quality work in this podcasts (watch out for those sick sponsor transitions by Scott).

Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider
Story driven podcast that dives into the "dark" side of tech. Jack delivers a great insight into data breaches, hacks and other malicious actors and actions of the cyber space. It is a great little gem of a podcast that I discovered fairly recently.

JS Party

Suz Hinton, Kevin Ball, Jerod Santo, Christopher Hiller, Safia Abdalla, others
Second entry from the Changelog family. JS Party is JS centric (duh!) podcast covering a lot of new and more mature technology. Show hosts are great and provide a good variety of opinions.

Front End Happy Hour

Ryan Burgess, Stacy London, Jem Young, Augustus Yuan
While Front End is in the name, hosts cover a lot more topics than that. There is a good balance of opinions and excellent guests. You get the feeling that hosts do come with a lot of experience in the industry and valuable insights.

Soft Skills Engineering

Dave Smith, Jamison Dance
This podcast is a delight, especially when jokes do not land that well, it still makes you giggle. Dave and Jamison focus on other aspects of development (salary negations, navigating company culture, dealing with coworkers and bosses, etc). Write-in questions give you an insight into how other companies operate and what other developers have troubles with.

That is it folks! There are many more, but if you are new to podcasting, these are great to start with!
Share your favorites below!

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jerodsanto profile image
Jerod Santo

Thanks for including The Changelog and JS Party! πŸŽ‰

If you like those, there’s a non-zero chance you’ll appreciate most of the stuff we publish. That’s why we have a master feed. ✊️

vaidotas profile image
Vaidotas Piekus

Thanks Jerod! And thanks for the hard work on Changelog stuff!

thejoezack profile image
Joe Zack

Great list of shows, looks like I need to add a couple to qit

Also, I've got to throw Coding Blocks out there. It's my favorite...but I'm quite biased. ;)

dotnetcoreblog profile image

Also, I've got to throw Coding Blocks out there. It's my favorite...but I'm quite biased. ;)

I'm biased towards The .NET Core Podcast for much the same reasons, I think

vaidotas profile image
Vaidotas Piekus

Adding it to my pod catcher, I am always looking for new stuff :)

lavieencode profile image
Nicole Archambault

I have a great podcast too, geared toward new self-taught developers (a demograph that is often overlooked in podcast topics). It's called La Vie en Code, and it's on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/Google Podcasts/Soundcloud/Stitcher. :)

Also, you can take a look at the episodes and notes here:

jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington (he/him) • Edited

Is it bad form to plug myself here?
I just launched

thejoezack profile image
Joe Zack

As a dev podcast addict and maintainer of a dev podcast search engine, I appreciate it very much!

Subbed and ticketed!

jonxtensen profile image
Jon Christensen πŸ‹

I feel kinda bad jumping on this thread :-), but when you've got 70+ episodes of your own podcast, and it's not in the list, you can't be held responsible for your actions! I just posted our most recent episode of Mobycast here on

Our formula is no guest interviews so that we can get deep on topics and have show-to-show consistency. We talk a lot about the realities of building and operating software in the cloud and cover stuff that doesn't get talked about in online classes.

d1p profile image
Debashis Dip

Great list 😍
For python developers, I would suggest Talk python to me which is a really good show focused on the python changes, ecosystem and the people behind it. What I love most about this show is it is well informative, calm and nicely organized.

vaidotas profile image
Vaidotas Piekus • Edited

I totally agree, I listen to it occasionally too, even if I am not doing any python at the moment. Quality guests makes that show for sure.

adamcosi profile image

Full Stack Baby...

Don't forget Full Stack Radio by Adam Wathan, one of the best podcasts out there IMO β€” solid contributor, vast breadth of topics and a good cohesive relationship among all episodes.

timothep profile image
Tim Bourguignon πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Is it too late to plug my own modest contribution? I host the devjourney podcast, where I highlight the diversity of journeys into tech. And we just passed the 100 episodes mark πŸ₯³

treddson profile image
Taylor Short

nice list but no base cs!?

vaidotas profile image
Vaidotas Piekus

ahh, it almost made it! I think it is super for some passive learning on cs fundamentals!

gabypentin profile image
Gabriela Amundarain • Edited

Command Line Heroes should also get an honorary mention for presenting the fundamentals of OS culture in such a fun way, tbh!

azazqadir profile image
Muhammad Azaz Qadir

I am surprised PHP Roundtable is not mentioned here. A lot of other great coding podcast channels missing from the list. I would suggest to take a look at these channels as well:
Voice of the elePHPant
PHP Roundtable
Laravel News
PHP Architect
Code Pen

logicmason profile image

Two more I really like:

  • Techzing, which often meanders into the personal lives of the Justin Vincent and Jason Robers and how they juggle contracting, side projects and raising their kids. They've also gotten some incredible guests on the show.
  • Fullstack Radio, in where Adam Wathan basically picks the brain of anyone and everyone whose software he loves. It's much more technically focused than most the podcasts on this list, somewhat like Changelog.
hdennen profile image
Harry Dennen

+1000 to Soft Skills Engineering.

henrygbc profile image
Henry Bravo

Great list, i'll add RealTalk Javascript from John Papa :D

vikasyadav72 profile image
Vikas Yadav

Amazing list!

ld00d profile image
Brian Lampe

I've been listening to Developer Tea lately. It's not very technical, but it's more about the life of a developer professionally and personally.

vaidotas profile image
Vaidotas Piekus

Oh yeah that is a good one! Sometimes you just want to take a break from super technical topics and enjoy people having conversations and sharing thoughts.