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this is my eternal costume


I can't decide if that's pretty clever or really bad


I remember seeing this from that time Amazon S3 went down for, like, the whole day.


I am choosing something truly scary this year. I shall dress as "React's Additional Grant of Patent Rights Version 2"... but if the MIT License change takes place before Halloween, I shall dress as "React Native's Additional Grant of Patent Rights Version 2". But, if they add React Native to the MIT License Fellowship, I shall dress as "GraphQL's Additional Grant of Patent Rights Version 2"...

But! In case that Facebook decides to bring all of its Open Source Projects under the MIT License... then... I shall dress as "Equifax".


I mean..


I think there's the obvious Anonymous hacker outfit, where you have the Anonymous mask with a gray hoodie or something. I think that's pretty lame though.

You could be a cloud, like cloud computing...?

Or you could be a blue and yellow Python.

Or a Ruby.

Or Android Oreo.

Or Chrome Dino.

Or a Golang gopher.

Or a cup of coffee.




At my alma mater one year there was a guy dressed as the Internet Explorer logo, walking very very slowly around campus all day.


My daughter's costume this year.

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