Favourite VSCode Plug-ins

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👋 guys,

I know emmett is avail on other Code editors too but it’s one that I like. Other than that I just have one that shows icons based on the file extension and autocomplete.

For those that use VS Code, what are your fav plug ins?

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I'm partial to the Emacs keybindings (old habits die hard) and this little crates.io helper that points out outdated version numbers in your Cargo.toml for a Rust project.

Aside from that, I have been thrilled at how well-featured the "defaults" for each language I use are. When I open a file in a language I haven't used in VS code, generally searching the language name and installing the top extension is absolutely everything I need to do. It's almost embarrassing how long I used to spend tweaking configs to get closer to what VS Code does out of the box.


Thanks Ben, I would agree VSC is amazing out of their box.


The IDE is so complete that I barely need any plugins to use it for work (aside from the usual language extension for C# and linters for web development).

Having Emmet by default in the IDE is absolutely amazing! :D


By far it's Quokka. I even paid for the PRO version.

Quokka VS Code Plugin


Thanks buddy, looks amazing - will be giving it a try.


Nice, I’m still working through learning git commands, I’m sure this will come in handy. Thanks!


I find "Git History" to be rather useful for quickly reverted to a previous commit

And is basically my only extension aside from 'Go' and something others for themes


will check out Go and Git history, both sound extremely useful

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