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What is Your Advice for a new Team Lead

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What is Your Advice for a new Team Lead?


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Lead by example, focus on team growth and collaboration, skill sharing, let them be autonomous, step away sometimes and let team solve problems themselves, don't just spoonfeed solutions, help when they struggle.

When I was a team lead, that was the path I've taken and I believe it was successful. πŸ™‚


Thanks for the great advice!! I am learning how to step away and let the team solve problems on their own. Its really hard to not tell them to do it your way, or just solve problems for them


It is, indeed.

You also don't have to stop programming, pair program with them, solve problems together, show how you solve certain problems or watch them solve and guide them. Look into different pair programming models, this will create a stronger bond between you and is a free knowledge sharing.

If team is busy and doesn't need much help, look into new tech, tools, patterns, architecture from higher level. Do some research and present your findings to the them. πŸ™‚


Trust your team, let them know you trust them and that they can fail, but push them so they fail fast during the product's development instead of years in the future when the product has been in prod environments for quite a while with the same old bugs.


Don't let the word lead fool you; the best leaders are also the best servants.


Love this, listening to your team is a very important skill.