I developed a Windows 95 theme Pokédex with React

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While surfing the React community, I managed to see this beautiful Windows 95 style UI components called react95. The nostalgia is real with this one.

I've been playing with APIs and got interested with PokeAPI so I thought of combining both, that's why I built poke95.

The app is developed with these technologies

The app is still a work in progress but here's the current output.

Demo image

I added the windows 95 startup sound to make it more nostalgic.

It's trending on r/reactjs with 400+ upvotes!

Url: https://poke95.now.sh/

Feel free to clone the app here.

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Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them.


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Great! Only when I pressed ESC popup did not close me :(


So nerdy and cool! The sound is spot on.


Thanks. Glad you liked it!


Ohhhh this sound :) He reminded me of my first computer :( and my first video game - DOOM ... Nice job!


Thank you! <3 I guess it's the purpose of this app. To bring us back to good ol' days.