What would you like to learn in 2020?

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As developers we have to learn new things on a daily basis. It is a being a while since I want to learn something not related to my current work. I'm interested in the idea of learning a new language. I mainly code in JavaScript it could be refreshing to see other syntaxes. I guess it will be my main goal this year.

What is the thing you absolutely want to learn in 2020?

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I want to perfect React this year, I just started this Dec


I use React for 4 years. It is a really nice framework. It helped me a lot to better understand JavaScript in general.


Wow... You could help me with recommendations

The official tutorial seems great to get key features of the framework. Then I recommend focusing on React Hooks which is a real game changer. You can find a lot of great resources on awesome-react. Oh last thing, you can follow Dan Abramov and Kent C. Dodds on Twitter. They create and share a lot of content around React 👍

Hope it will help!

Thanks so much, this is more than just a help


If I would have to choose only one thing, it would be a skill of good writing.


Nice goal, I started writing this summer. Definitely something that helped evolving in my career 😄. I read this article about technical writing. It was really helpful when I began 👍

  • Learn and migrate my projects to Vue 3 (new release coming soon)
  • Manage my servers through the reverse proxy Traefik (and maybe with Kubernetes to manage scaling... 🤔)
  • Create a website with the Hugo framework
  • Something a little bit different from my habits: Learn Adobe Illustrator to create Icons and SVG graphics then animate the latter with GreenSock

I'm really interested in learning AI too! I already know Photoshop it helps me designing my websites 😄


2020 would be great to get started wih ReactJs oweing to its growing popularity


My advice is to not learn things based on popularity but instead find something that greatly advances your understanding of how JavaScript works or think about how you’d tackle common problems solved in JS frameworks and code your own UI library, this way you have a much better understanding of why JS frameworks are architected the way they are.


Nice advice but I think React is a good start to understand modern frameworks. Its documentation is well written. The community is huge you won't have difficulties to find help or good articles to learn it. If you don't know awesome repositories (they are curated list of resources for a specific technology) here is the one for React.


If you want to be ahead of the curve, seems like Svelte is starting to pick up in popularity.


@yvonnickfrin Hmmm, currently in a self taught coding bootcamp. I brushed up my HTML, am learning CSS 3 and decided to take a 30DaysOfJavaScript(am expanding on my limited and outdated knowledge of it - js 1 - 1.2). I'd like to get a good working knowledge of Node.js!


I love Node.js ❤️. It is useful for a lot of things. I love making CLIs with it. I wrote article for beginners that want to create their first CLI with Node.js.


I still have difficulties to figure out for what I could use it! Any clue?


We list a few reasons on how to WebAssembly in this recent article! Check it out agilitycms.com/resources/posts/top...


After I catch up in all I have to, I would like to get started with mobile development


I'm more into web and PWA seems a good alternative to native. What attracts you to mobile development?


I don't know, just the fact that we are on our phones the time and there are so many app possibilities out there!
But first I want to feel more confident with my web dev skills


Just from the fun/personal enjoyment side of coding, I'm will try to find some time dig deeper into Max/MSP and learn more about digital signal processing, specifically in relation to audio processing, synthesis, and generative music.

On the work side, there is lots to do in ML and computer vision. I'll be keeping an eye on how WebAssembly adoption progresses (and hope for an opportunity to use Blazor).

Finally, perhaps less about learning and more about application (though, so much is learnt by doing anyway); Functional programming software architectures for enterprise applications.


My goals for 2020:

1) Microservices
2) Spring boot with spring security


Thanks Jean for sharing ..
Extremely interesting.
Will give it a try for sure


Dev.to is made in ruby. Contributing to the website could be a good exercise 👌


DevOps is a big key for me along with .Net Core

Plus maybe React or Angular

Been coding in JavaScript/TypeScript/C# for a long time, but never picked a JavaScript framework to develop with.


I recommend React but you seems to like Typescript so Angular looks like a good choice for you since it uses it by default 👍

  • I wanna learn backend language like GO, Spring Boot with Kotlin and AWS.

More React
Machine learning with Javascript
So many things!


Accessibility is something really important! I recommend following Marcy Sutton who works for Gatsby and is really involved in this subject. She also work on axe-core an accessibility engine to test website and apps 👐


I learned GraphQL this year. It is something that really changed the way I develop frontend apps!


I want to learn more about Unity DOTS and Cryengine this year.


Always dreamed to learn developing video games 😮



Two years ago, I started learning python but stopped because I felt discouraged. This is the year when I want to have that Midas Touch in my hands


I didn't choose which language to learn yet. Python seems a good choice by the way!


Here is my list:

  1. GraphQL
  2. Data structures
  3. Algorithms
  4. And hack the hackerank tests. :)

Already on top of GraphQL.


Check out our article on how Gatsby is a great way to learn React! agilitycms.com/resources/posts/gat...

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