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Day 29 of 100DaysOfCode

Making your own web page - Tutorial for total beginners

Today I published a tutorial on the super basics of making your own website. It covered the Hello World of HTML, basic tips, and lots of links to great resources from around the web.

The tutorial also has a WordPress section, showing you what launching a WordPress site takes. I really do think its a good starting tutorial for total beginners. The best part is the curated list of great learning materials.

I started making the tutorial almost two months ago but took a break when I realized I don't know enough about WordPress to give tips on it. Today I just decided to finish the project.

I worked quite hard on the visuals, adding a couple of animations. It was made using Elementor.

Check out the making a website tutorial!

Making my site faster

If been very frustrated about the speed of my site. It's been super slow. I didn't know why it was as slow as it was. I had decided that there really isn't much I can do, and it was just the fault of using WordPress and Elementor.

Then I decided to really look into the reasons for the slowness. I ran the Lighthouse test and saw that many of the culprits that were making my site slow were Google scripts. I used the Google Sitekit plugin for analytics, ads, and other features. It seemed to be the reason for slowness.

Decided to not serve any ads, and delete the Sitekit plugin. The results were astonishing. The site got over three times faster!

Scores after deleting Sitekit

The speed feels really good!

Time spent
Didn't remember to time anything today as I wasn't coding. Spent probably three hours in total on tasks outlined above.

Links and videos

Are you in tutorial hell? Do you feel like you don't get anything from tutorials? Are you are looking for a quick laugh? If so, check out this video by Jombo! It describes all programming tutorials perfectly.

That's it. See you all tomorrow!

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Nice jombo video 😂😂😂

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Arttu Pyykönen

Yeah, it gave a good laugh! 😂