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Day 15 of 100DaysOfCode

Today was a really awesome day in the "life" side. We got our little puppy! If you are a puppy person (and let's face it, who isn't?) you can follow it's litte adventures on instagram @jackythetoy

On the coding side, it wasn't that impressive. Decided to get familiar with a couple of coding challenge sites. I liked them both but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep using them.

Exercism is probably the one I will consider using as it had many elements that I think are super useful to know. I liked the way you had to really download the files using terminal and submitting them with those clunky terminal commands. It's probably a more realistic way of working with code rather than something like FCC were you don't even use an IDE. That being said Exercism is not as easy for beginners and that's why I like them both as they serve different purposes.

Something I often see happening to me is that I get lost in the side project cycle. That means I start another task, challenge, or a project before finishing the original task first. I should probably make a coding schedule to better organize my coding efforts. Probably will return to this idea tomorrow.

What I did today:

1. Checked out Edabit

What I learned from it:

  • Got familiar with the platform

2. Checked out Exercism

What I learned from it:

  • Got familiar with the platform
  • More practice with terminal and node

Time spent learning:

Task 'Edabit'. Elapsed time: 0 h 11 min 4 s
Task 'Exercism'. Elapsed time: 0 h 34 min 33 s

Total time: 45 min 37 s

Time spent is tracked by my TaskTimer script and the WakaTime app.

Further reading


Check out FCC for the best interactive exercises! I have finished the Basic JavaScript and ES6 lessons and can recommend them for a beginner! You can read more about the Basic JS and ES6 challenges at posts "Day 8" and "Day 11".


Eloquent JavaScript book


You can check my answers to the exercises of Eloquent JavaScript. You'll find them here.

Posting more tomorrow, see you then! :)

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