Day 6 of 100DaysOfCode

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Today was a busy day with school and renovation. Only had time for 30 min JavaScript session reading the chapter 5 of Eloquent JavaScript book.

As I said yesterday: Keep coding, you can do it!

What I did today:

1. Reading Chapter 5 of Eloquent JavaScript book


What I learned from it:

  • Introduction to abstraction
  • What are higher-order functions

Total time: 31min

Tracked by using my TaskTimer script and the WakaTime app


As I promised on Day 4 you can check my solutions to EJS exercises on my website.

You need to answer a question regarding the exercise to see my solution. This is meant to encourage you to try the problems yourself. I'll add more solutions as I go through the book.

Adding the quizzes to my site took some time so feedback on them is much appreciated!

That's it. See you all tomorrow!

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