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I usually keep it to cool colors, but sometimes I surprise people with a red light that floods the room. Over Zoom I’ve gotten responses like β€œred alert!”, β€œSteve’s at a rave!” or β€œoh no, is something wrong?” πŸ˜‚


This is how Drakes desk would look if he was a programmer!


I ❀️ indie rock so always got the tunes going! There is a Sonos in the room too for when I want to dance with myself.


Yeah it’s just a cheap LED strip I purchased on Amazon I can control with a remote.

I forget that other humans put more effort into arranging their workspace. I can't do anything with physical electronics or woodwork :frown:

You don't have to do anything with kits like these. They're usually self-adhesive so you stick them to whatever and away you go. I've got a 2m lightstrip in my kitchen (and some others) and I ran it along the edge of my cupboards by peeling off the tape and pressing it into place. Low-effort, high-reward - give it a go?


Nice setup. How do you get this working when your laptop has just one HDMI port?


The external GPU in the top right. While it doesn’t provide all the extensibility of a Thunderbolt 3 Dock, it does allow me to upgrade the GPU over time and boost GPU acceleration in apps I depend on like VSCode. Both monitors are connected to the eGPU, then 1 Thunderbolt 3 cable goes to the MBP, which charges the MBP as well. At first there were issues with disconnecting the eGPU in Mohave but those issues have since been corrected by Apple.

That's alot to absorb... Thanks!

I'm on a Windows Lenovo laptop with just one HDMI port ... I will need to find a simpler solution.


Is that an ergohuman chair? I have one since 2016 and is awesome!


It's an Autonomous ErgoChair 2 🀷🏻

I'm a fan, especially for the price. Not as awesome as the $900 chairs we have back at the office but about a million times better than the old staples one I had.


Just got a new desk yesterday! Here is my setup!

Slowly trying to add better gear to my setup - I really want to switch to a more pastel color palette!


Taking a different approach to the multi monitor setup. This is the corner of a room we use for musical instruments, toy storage, reading, and backyard bird-watching. My actual desk is downstairs in the family room.

A 43-inch monitor sitting on a 47-inch standing desk


I haven't tidied this or posed anything for the photo so it's not exactly neat.
It's a cordoned-off section of about a quarter to a third of my living room, with the only window at the opposite end.

My home office, with a dining chair, wooden table, two monitors attached to a Windows PC, and a Macbook


Well it's a reasonable size for most things. I could fit 2x24" monitors on there (I have 1x24" and 1x22" though). Really there's plenty of room for everything I need, and I don't use the laptop for much. I use barriers to drive it with my keyboard and mouse when I do need to do anything but it just sits there being a server most of the time.


At my parents house right now, had that desk since I was a kid.

Where's your pic, Ben? :D


That wallpaper reminds of of the awesome art style of kurzgesagt on youtube


My new desk got delivered on Friday. Finally, I can switch between sitting and standing without having to give up my screen space.

My Homeoffice setup

While my wife is at work, I switch to the living room to look after the kids. During this time, my setup is a lot smaller.
Smaller setup


With 2 kids next to me, I had to move my real office area to our bedroom πŸ˜‚
Nothing special, yet I feel the need to improve now after all these images πŸ˜ƒ

Note: I use the Mac and my wife plugs the Lenovo Thinkpad. So it is a 2 people at-home setup thanks to pandemic.

my space


my setup is not weird in terms of monitor displays (as most people's is) but its a bit weird from a keyboard point of view

my desk


I wish I could too, but I need dedicated hardware (fancy word for phones) to test my services


My View

Crammed into the breakfast nook since we moved... I'll try to get a photo from the other side up shortly.

It's a tight fit, but it works for now.


Simple standup/seating desk. (with some Nanoleaf on the size to adapt the color to my mood - not on the picture)

Home Office


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Was hoping to see some post notes with AWS keys and passwords 😞


If you look really close at the post-it note on the wall in my picture... 😡

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Guess I'll throw in my contribution to this collective jerk-off session as well...
As good as it gets

This is also serves as a home for 4 people, two kids and a wife, and as vacation paradise
(you know, by re-decorating and moving stuff around).

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