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0.10 - Amplify with Nader Dabit


Feel free to ask us development questions and we will feature yours on the show!

AWS Amlify

Guest Details

Nader Dabit

Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services
Web and mobile developer specializing in cross-platform & cloud-enabled application development.



What is AWS Amplify?

  • Do you see more people using AppSync vs. API Management?
  • We have had a hard time differentiating DynamoDB Scan/Query from what actually gets filtered through AppSync, any perspectives on how to avoid common issues with this?
  • Is there a way to debug using amplify mock function in VSCode with 4.18.0??
  • Do you recommend using Cloudfront to serve S3 images for your Amplify hosted site?


I know the video plugin is coming along, are there any other cool features coming out for Amplify that people should know about?

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Amplify Video Tutorial for VOD

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