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Next.js with Guillermo Rauch



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Guillermo Rauch - CEO ZEIT

Who is Guillermo Rauch?

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
  2. What pushed you to leave your prior companies as CTO and take on the new role of CEO at Zeit?
  4. Zeit about Rauchg
  5. Do you still have time to code like you did back in the, … days. Or has your daily switched over to more business focus and making great products?


  1. What is Zeit in a nutshell?
  2. How do you compare Zeit to something like Netlify or Firebase?
  3. Does Zeit run in the big three (AWS, Azure, GCloud)?


  1. Why did you start NextJS?
  2. What does NextJS allow you to do vs. create-react-app?
  3. You can create static pages on NextJS, so why would you use Gatsby instead?
  4. I have forced some of the static built lambdas to work on Google’s cloud functions, but why does it work so easily on Zeit?

Rando Question

NextJS has its own page outside of Zeit, why Doesn’t NextJS have a twitter handle??

What is one of the most creative ways you have seen NextJS be implemented?

Guillermo Quote

“Impossible just takes longer”

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