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Senior software engineer & sysadmin, technical architect, Linux expert. Always willing to learn new stuff.

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Master's Degree in Computer Science


Software architect

Use mitmproxy as a personal firewall

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3 min read

Linux commands for sysadmins (but not only, part 1)

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2 min read

Different ways of reading files in Rust

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3 min read

Rust standard iterators

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5 min read

Understanding Rust modules

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3 min read

A remote program execution in Go

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4 min read

Playing with the btrfs filesystem

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9 min read

Introduction to Python metaclasses

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3 min read

Understanding public/private RSA keys

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4 min read

Securing your Linux desktop using iptables firewall rules

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4 min read

A gentle introduction to Python generators

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3 min read

Using threads on Rust (part 3)

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3 min read

Using threads on Rust (part 2)

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3 min read

Using threads on Rust (part 1)

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4 min read

How to call Rust functions from C on Linux

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WASM in Rust without NodeJS

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5 min read

YARIT: Yet Another Rust Iterators Tutorial

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7 min read

Vectors: linear containers in Rust

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Arrays: linear containers in Ruby

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6 min read

Lists: linear containers in Python

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