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Code Splitting with Laurie Barth

If you have a code splitting-headache, S4E3 of DevDiscuss might help

In this week's DevDiscuss, I was joined by special guest co-host Katie Davis, a front end developer who has previously worked at Shopify and League Inc. Katie and I tackled the topic of code splitting and the long list of things you need to know about writing JavaScript with Laurie Barth, staff software engineer at Gatsby and instructor at

Laurie authored an amazing intro to code splitting here on DEV in January. I highly recommend checking it out as a supplement to this episode:


"According to MDN, 'Code splitting is the splitting of code into various bundles or components which can then be loaded on-demand or in parallel.'

In other words, when you have different chunks of code you can make choices about how you load them. When you only have one big one, your hands are tied."

I hope you learn a lot from this episode. I know I did 📚

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Sylwia Vargas

I LOVE THIS! I'm such a huge fan of Dev, DevDiscuss and of Laurie that I can't wait to listen to this episode!

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That’s so kind!

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad • Edited

JavaScript is too huge for a beginner to jump into, and working with typescript is (imho) a better experience than direct javascript (especially catching errors at compile time). I wonder why more people dont use languages like Elm (I guess its syntax isnt the best) but maybe create even more languages that compile down to JS (or better, webassembly)