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The Grand Experiment of Distributed Conferences with Paul Campbell and Angela Andrews

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Like so many communities, Forem had to pivot at the last second to make CodeLand:Distributed 2020 a reality in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. By the end of the experience, our team felt that we learned a lot about producing multifaceted virtual events. A few days after the "conference high" had worn off, we remembered that this is an incredibly new field — and experiment, really — and like everyone else, we can learn a lot about distributed conferences. That's why @jess and I were particularly excited to tackle this topic for DevDiscuss.

We were joined by two guests to help us dissect the grand experiment of distributed conferences:

  • Paul Campbell: Founder of Tito and creator of Ull Conf
  • Angela Andrews: Associate Solutions Architect at Red Hat, and Avid Conference Attendee.

Pandemic or no pandemic, distributed conferences or hybrid conferences are likely here to stay. I hope our conversation with Paul and Angela sheds some light on the future we're looking towards, misconceptions about virtual events, and lots more.

Finally, thanks to @margo_hdb, @scrabill, @mitchpommers, @_bkern, and @andrewdmay
for sharing what they like and hate about virtual conferences the most! Their comments were featured in this episode.

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