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Debunking Linux Myths with Rob Frelow and Amber Jones

I was super excited to be joined by a special co-host for this week’s episode of DevDiscuss: Joe Doss! Joe (aka JDoss) is the Principal Systems Architect here at Forem and knows a thing or two about the topic of Linux and the many myths surrounding it.

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Many folks assume Linux is exceedingly difficult to use, requires command-line expertise, isn’t for regular desktop usage… and so on. And while those myths aren’t necessarily valid, Linux does have a history of gate-keeping and accessibility issues that are valid concerns. Either way, Linux comes with a lot of baggage for many developers — and that doesn’t serve anyone. So, let’s talk about it!

We were joined by guests Rob Frelow (Co-Founder of The StoryGraph) and Amber Jones (Full Stack Software Engineer at Mumms Software) who both arrived at Linux in different and interesting ways (spoiler: one of our guests first encountered the open source operating system at a food co-op).

So, whether you’re a long-term Linux-lover or a historical Linux avoider, I think you’ll enjoy our show this week.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Mythical Tux

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Jean-Michel Plourde

I really enjoyed this podcast episode and agreed with almost all points presented. I started my Linux journey 4 years ago when I started university and it really helped me learn many new aspects of software engineering. Linux is free as in free puppy: it still takes a significant amount of time to get it right and running. But I think the time invested is really worth it and it's a ton of fun. But in the end, it's importante to not get fanatic about an OS but to chose a tool that suits your needs in the moment.

Thanks all for the great episode as always.