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DevDiscuss Episode 6: Little-Known Productivity Tools; Big Productivity Gains

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On this week's episode of DevDiscuss, we dive into a topic that most of us here on DEV could probably talk about all day long: TOOLS! The ones we love to use, the resources that make our lives easier, the sites that are of particular interest to developers and designers.

@ben and I were joined by two of the engineers who make DEV a welcoming, pleasant experience on both the front and backend.

Josh Puetz (@joshpuetz) is the Principal Software Engineer at DEV. He brings 20+ years of experience architecting and building web applications and is well-versed in Ruby and Rails, a test first designer, leader/amplifier of the hard-working engineering team at DEV, all-around great human being.

Lisa Sy (@lisasy) is the Lead Product Designer at DEV — the first product designer at DEV, in fact! In her role here, she works as a full-stack digital product designer, front-end developer, and leader of our platform's design culture and brings over a decade of experience. As you can imagine, Lisa is also a great human being. It's a Team DEV prerequisite 😉

In this episode, Ben, Josh, Lisa, and I discuss

  • Our hardware preferences and the reasoning behind them
  • The tools Josh and Lisa use every day for both engineering and product design work
  • The differences between the tools we use in both our work and personal lives
  • A peek inside how we get work done as a team at DEV

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Huge thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, and @peter and @saronyitbarek for their editorial oversight.

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Top comments (4)

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Loved this episode and I learnt about httpie! Thanks @joshpuetz for the share!

stan8086 profile image
Jose Rodríguez

I also create a list for myself on GitHub:

Awesome Productivity Tools

rafi993 profile image

I thought I was the only person who was using url bar for pasting.

rafi993 profile image

git standup is awesome thanks @ben