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Some JavaScript Leaders You May Want to Follow on DEV

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・2 min read

Our community is wonderful in that anyone's voice can rise and help someone with a coding problem. We've elevated a lot of developers right here on DEV.

But we are also a place where existing industry leaders have come to share and be a part of this, and we hope to attract more folks like this (without becoming too elitist). Industry "leadership" isn't easily defined, but it usually means that either you invented something that took off, or you became notable for teaching and developed a big Twitter following. πŸ˜„

Here are some notable JavaScript folks who have begun posting recently that you may want to follow. This is an incomplete list, but here are some folks who come to mind as having posted lately.

I probably have some of these folks' titles wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Rich Harris, creator of Svelte

richharris image

Ives van Hoorne, co-founder of CodeSandbox

Kyle Mathews, founder of Gatsby

kylemathews image

Charlie Gerard, notable JS demo artist extraordinaire

Kent C. Dodds, notable JS teacher

Max Lynch, co-creator of Ionic

maxlynch image

Still waiting on Ryan Florence to show up and make his first post, he has the right idea with this recent tweet. πŸ˜„

Feel free to check out his empty profile

ryanflorence image

In addition to elevating the voices of anyone from the community who wants to weigh in, teach, and build their professional identity here, having some of these industry leaders hanging around is really special. We hope they'll keep it up and invite their friends. Of course, we accept and encourage crossposting for folks who have an established blog. We also strongly encourage tapping the community for discussions, as Kent has begun doing.

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I think you can add

dan_abramov image

who has a good social media presence and who gives great talks (mostly about react hooks at the moment if I'm not mistaken)

(EDIT: he has some other great achievements with redux and stuff, but I wouldn't be able to list them all πŸ˜…)


Dan's React Hooks introduction talk is legendary


I've watched that talk several times. Probably won't stop


@richharris @compuives @kylemathews @devdevcharlie @kentcdodds @maxlynch @ryanflorence @dan_abramov @benlesh @john_papa @bnb

To the folks mentioned so far in the post and comments: Keep letting us know how we can adjust the mechanics of our platform to best serve the JavaScript community, and always feel free to weigh in on our general direction and open source initiatives.



I'd like to add these to the list:

benlesh image

john_papa image

And I'm sure I've missed many more πŸ˜„


Always the same faces around 😩


Yeah, for me it's more about finding people who are interesting for reasons other than "is popular elsewhere".

But the Venn diagram of those people and people who are interesing here does have a decent overlap.


hey don't skip Dan Abramov. it's a Joke!


Thanks for all this list.. Let following all


Thanks for the list Ben! Followed some :D