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The DEV Team

The DEV Team just got a little bigger!

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

We are so excited to welcome Jacob and Avery to the DEV Team.


Many of you might know @jacobherrington ...

  • From his thoughtful and informative blog posts on DEV.
  • As the podcast host of devpath.fm, a podcast about developer career paths.
  • As a notable contributor and core team member of Solidus, a Rails eCommerce system.
  • And more!

Jacob has already made valuable contributions to the DEV repo and we are so happy that he's joining us full-time. You can learn more about Jacob here:

@averyd has actually been with the DEV team for a month - and she's been killing it! All those challenge posts that you've tried to solve? Those come from Avery (and Brian). All the tweets you're seeing on the internet? Many of those are her doing as well. In addition to supporting our content initiatives, Avery has also been a huge help for DEV internal operations. Here's what Avery has to say about her time here:


The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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Great to have these awesome teammates!

Sometimes through a combination of community involvement and contributions to our open source project we are able to identify folks who are obvious fits for the team, but we will have general engineering job openings soon to bring on a few more folks.

If you're interested in possibly joining our core team, look out for those listings soon!

If you might be interested, feel free to shoot me an email at ben@dev.to and I'll make sure to personally give you a shout as soon as we open the next job listing up.


Congratulations gang!!!!! :D
Happy for you.
Have a joyful work and inspiring n healthy workdays 😃