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The Forem Product Roadmap — with Lisa Sy & Vaidehi Joshi

Ben Halpern
A Canadian software developer who thinks he’s funny. He/Him.
・2 min read

We're kicking off the new season of the DevDiscuss podcast with a topic one could say is near and dear to my heart — and very relevant to all of us here on DEV.

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We're talking Forem — the open-source software that powers DEV and a growing number of online communities interested in transparency, accessibility, and authentic connection.

More specifically, this episode is dedicated to the Forem product roadmap — the plan we're following to accomplish critical goals as a community-building tool and business. Our product roadmap is two things in one: a 10 thousand foot view to help us arrive at the bigger picture and a 50-foot view to help us identify the granular details required to make it all happen.

In this episode, I was joined by two brilliant guests from the Forem team...

@lisasy , @vaidehijoshi , and I also dove into the differences between a product roadmap, vision, and strategy — and talked about the various audiences for this roadmap.

Whether you are active in our codebase or you're brand new to DEV, I hope that this episode helps you contextualize where Forem is headed and how your participation here is helping us drive the future of connection online.

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Discussion (7)

madza profile image

Congrats on Season 5! 👍😉

link2twenty profile image
Andrew Bone

I've had a little sneak peak at the road map, some very exciting things coming ☺️

I'm looking forward to it

citizen428 profile image
Michael Kohl

You're basically an honorary team member at this point ❤️

link2twenty profile image
Andrew Bone • Edited

Just waiting on that internal forem invite 😉

cher profile image

Congrats!! Excited to listen in!

leewynne profile image

This is such a good listen. Especially when you get your question included 😎🎉

So looking forward to roadmap, as a creator, it all sounds fabulous.

akshatsinghania profile image
Akshat Singhania

i thought it was ben awad , but anyways noice

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