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The History of the Cloud with Jeffrey Meyerson & Kelsey Hightower

This week, I'm joined by my friend Vaidehi Joshi, software engineer, creator of the Base.cs blog series, and co-host of the Base.cs podcast.

@vaidehijoshi joins me to catch up with Kelsey Hightower, staff developer advocate for the Google Cloud Platform, and Jeffrey Meyerson, founder of Software Daily and the host of the Software Engineering Daily podcast, as we delve into the history of the Cloud.

From the origins of AWS (for better or worse) to the gravitas of Microsoft, we discuss one of my favourite topics: culture, the birth of DevOps, and why Kelsey learned Java.

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Our guests this week were...

Tune into S5E7 of DevDiscuss for more answers to the eternal question: where do clouds come from?

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Top comments (3)

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Sherry Day

Loved this episode!

andrewbrown profile image
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

S3 was not the first product of AWS. It was SQS 🙃

dougaws profile image
Doug • Edited

S3 was the first service released (2006) by AWS. When SQS was released (2004) there was no AWS. More precisely, SQS was the first service released by Amazon.