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Demystifying DevRel with Nader Dabit, Christina Gorton & Pachi Carlson

DevDiscuss is a bit of a "bad news, good news" situation this week.

Let's start with the bad news first: it's the season 5 finale of the DevDiscuss podcast! 😭

Our eight episodes always seem to fly by but this season was a particular sort of whirlwind. Thank you for joining us for analysis and discussion of the burning questions that impact all our lives as developers. We'll be back for season 6 soon!

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Ok, now we can savor the good news: in the season 5 finale, we finally talked about a topic that I know many of you have been awaiting for a while: the field of Developer Relations. If you often hear about "DevRel", "Dev Advocacy", "Dev Evangelism", and want to throw your hands up in confusion, this episode is for you. We're here to demystify this awesome career within software development — and have fun doing it.

Another piece of good news? We had THREE fantastic guests for S5E8...

  • Christina Gorton is a Developer Relations Advocate at Forem, a LinkedIn Instructor, and a technical writer. Thanks for being my guest co-host this week, Christina!
  • Nader Dabit is an author and Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node.
  • Pachi Carlson is a Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic.

Enjoy our final episode of season 5. We'll be back soon with a whole new collection of episodes designed to inspire, motivate, and satisfy the curiosity of software developers everywhere 🌩

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Top comments (4)

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Wow, way to close out DevDiscuss S5 with an absolute bang! Great convo. This episode really helped me understand DevRel in all its nuances much better.

Can't wait for season 6 🎉

coffeecraftcode profile image
Christina Gorton

This was so much fun. Really enjoyed talking to you Pachi and Nader. Thanks for all your great insight 💜

dabit3 profile image
Nader Dabit

This was such a great experience, thanks again for having me!!

pachicodes profile image
Pachi 🥑

I had such a great time recording this episode! Thanks again for having me <3