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Hardware Hacking with Charlyn Gonda & Sophy Wong

I always love when another member of team Forem joins me to co-host DevDiscuss β€” and on S5E5, I was lucky enough to have @andy by my side.

Andy is the Support Platform Engineer at Forem and has been here since the VERY early days of DEV. In fact, Andy was one of the first people to ever work at DEV in an official capacity! Needless to say, his insight is always valuable and it was super fun to have him on the show this week.

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It didn't hurt that we also had a pretty fun topic this week and two fantastic guests...

  • Charlyn Gonda is a coder by day and a maker by night. She’s passionate about creating art in between the physical and digital, and deeply believes that practicing creativity can lead to impactful solutions for challenging problems.
  • Sophy Wong is a multidisciplinary designer whose projects range from period costumes to Arduino-driven wearable tech. She can be found at and on her YouTube channel chronicling her adventures in making.

Now, make like a maker and listen to this week's episode 🧰

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