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Evan Conrad on November 17, 2018

I don't mean to pick on Dev. I like Dev. I'm a lurker and I've only written one post on here before, but trust me, we're best friends. But thi... [Read Full]
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This was a really great read. Will take this all into account.


Like the way how Ben is always the first to comment on the LEGENDARY posts of DEV. :-D


I'd like to be able to collapse comment threads. I keep thinking the little chevron will do that, but it doesn't.


THIS. The chevron is a perfect example of I should know what it does in here by now but I never do and try to collapse with it every. time.


I agree - this is a perfect example of a potential UI improvement.


Both sticky navbar and the reaction bar make it almost impossible to use spacebar for scrolling. :(


Really?! I had no idea you could scroll with the spacebar! Is is rather standard on most web pages?


I knew about the spacebar, but this changes everything. 🤯


Yes, it's standard browser behavior which has been around for ages :)


The sad part is than is it fixed by using flexbox instead of absolute positioning...


Here's a weird idea...what if we were to make use of a vertical toolbar that forever lived on, say, the left side of the screen on "desktop" resolutions? We have more horizontal real estate than vertical.

I do like some things "following me around", because I don't want to have to scroll up to the top after every article, much less "roughly halfway but not quite almost though" to find the reaction buttons. Yeah, I know we have the Home button, but I'm lazy (we'll call THAT what it is!)

But maybe if all those actually useful things, plus a "back to top" button, lived on a handy left-side vertical toolbar, it'd work better?

yeah, but it's never been done before

Neither had floating toolbars for the first 20-30 years of the internet.


Great read Evan. The action bar definitely needs help. I couldn't find it during my first month on Dev. You expect it to be at the bottom of the article, but it kinda floats. There are some other css issues, but i can easily look over those because the content is A+. I know DEV is also open to contributions. I would if I could ever find the time. :)


I believe the action bar was at the bottom of the article in the early days of but when they changed it and I honestly couldn't find it for a couple of days even though it was right there in front of me at the bottom of the screen.


Great article and to be honest even my mobile browser ruins my experience. Look how much screen I lose...


all three of the items(search, top right info and action bar) should just migrate over to the side when scrolled. though, the action bar would be fine at the very bottom of the articles.

a dark mode is equally important.


This kind of layout may be good for mobile readers (because their vertical orientation), yet sadly not computer readers. Often times I feel the same for my browsers. I like to access my tabs & address bars easily but I don't want them to block like 10% of my screen height (without fullscreen), which easily gets worse with top/bottom bar websites. I hope someone would reinvent the wheel and make browsers (websites too) with vertical bars.


Good advice! I still feel disappointed with the overall look-and-feel of (brace yourself, the oh-yeah-so-why-don't-you-improve-shit-and-send-a-pull-request gang is coming after me!). If I were to point to a better example, I'd say Hashnode.

After a long time finally switched to a serif font for posts, which at least for me was a big relief. I hope things improve with time. 😌


Good Post, Well done.

And that's the reason I have a square monitor :)


Great article!

I especially agree with getting rid of the fixed search bar and pushing the "Write a Post" button to the right side of the screen. I think it greatly adds to the reading experience.


I am that dude with flipped monitor :)

But I still use phone to browse

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