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Father, husband, Solr Cookbook and Elasticsearch Server books author, Sematext trainer, consultant and software engineer

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Software engineer at Sematext Group, Inc.

Java Logging Best Practices: 10+ Tips You Should Know to Get the Most Out of Your Logs

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Java Logging Tutorial: Basic Concepts to Help You Get Started

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15+ Best Cloud Monitoring Tools of 2020: Pros & Cons Comparison

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Working with Solr Plugins System

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Java Garbage Collection Tuning

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A Quick Start on Java Garbage Collection: What it is, and How it works

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Java Garbage Collection Logs & How to Analyze Them

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Solr Monitoring Made Easy with Sematext

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Solr Open Source Monitoring Tools

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Solr Key Metrics to Monitor

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Kafka Monitoring in Production - eBook

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Solr Monitoring in Production - eBook

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Monitoring Kafka with Sematext

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