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Posted on • Updated on year in review (2019)

... well, not exactly a year since I posted my first blog in Sep 2019 (shortly after joining the Azure Advocates team!) 😉 But, since then its been a steady blogging cadence and I have been loving it so far 💖

Here is a quick rundown of the content over the past few months. Hopefully, you will find some of these useful 😀 As always, I would love to get your feedback and comments!


Most of the Kubernetes topics revolved around the basics, which I decided to cover as a part of the "Kubernetes in a Nutshell" blog series. It might come in handy if you want to learn about Kubernetes foundations such as Stateless app orchestration, Volumes, Services, etc.

I plan to focus on wrapping up the "Kubernetes in a Nutshell" series and cover other topics in the near future.

Apache Kafka

Kafka blog posts had a Kubernetes flavor as well - Kafka Streams application Kubernetes and the Kubernetes components required to run stateful Kafka Streams applications. One-off blogs included connecting to Azure Event Hubs Kafka endpoints using Sarama Go client and an frequently asked question.

Open-source technologies

So far, I focused on Dapr (a platform for microservices development) and KEDA (a component for scaling any Kubernetes workload).

Dapr topics were integration focused on demonstrating how to use Dapr for pub/sub with NATS, Azure Event Hubs as well as Azure Blob Storage.

KEDA related blogs include how to auto-scale your Kubernetes apps with Prometheus and KEDA and a short write-up for those who want to hack on the KEDA project

More OSS focused content coming next year! 🙌


This was a mix of Azure Kubernetes Service, such as adding persistent storage to your Kubernetes apps on Azure, using AKS service principal to access other Azure services, etc. as well as other posts covering topics such as:


I love Go and kickstarted "Just Enough Go" blog series with a few posts as of now but more coming soon!

Java EE

If you're interested in learning about the options Azure offers for JavaEE workloads, you might want to check this (yet another) blog series on deploying Java EE applications on Azure.

That's it for me. How was your journey in 2019 😀 ?

See you in 2020!

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Thanks for sharing such informative stuff.

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Abhishek Gupta

Thank you! Glad you found it useful :)