What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on September 20, 2019

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰ Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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Yesterday I decided to forgo both a masters in management and a coding bootcamp to pursue self-taught software engineering. Today I finished Berkeley's CS61A Lesson 0 after getting my first development environment up on my computer (Python, GitBash, and Atom). I was a little too proud about setting up that development environment, even though all it involved was a bit of installing/uninstalling... >.<


I saw from your profile you are an English teacher, good luck for your career path! I also worked as ESL teacher before getting a job as software developer. Anyway, from my experience vscode is much better than atom but I haven't used it in a while so maybe it got better


Sorry for the late reply!

I've actually tried downloading vscode, but bc I'm the noob that I am, I had a hard time figuring out how to use it. Atom seemed simpler to use.

Do you think it would be better to use vscode though? What features are good about it?

When i made the switch from Atom to VSCode the thing i've noticed the most was performance. Atom was very slow even with my personal projects. As VScode has become the most used text editor I guess it's a good idea to learn how to use since your future colleagues are probably gonna use that too, at least that's the case for me. I didn't do much in term of setup. Just install it, browse the extensions library and install what suits you the most. I' not sure if Atom has it, but vs code now has a live share functionality which is super useful as it let's you screen share. I've already used it several times with my senior.

Thanks!! The live share functionality sounds great. I'll definitely download it and see :)

Atom's teletype has actually been around much longer than VSCode's LiveShare, which I think is almost the same thing (I myself don't use either so can't say for sure).


Good for you! Best of luck on your journey, you definitely chose a great community to be involved in!


Getting the Climate Strike code into prod without breaking anything was a win πŸ˜„


Not just that, you did it on a FRIDAY! Double up-top for pushing to prod on a Friday without breaking anything.

Edit: Didn't account for the time difference. Still, it was Friday for someone in the world. πŸ˜…


Success even when breaking the rule of @kelly πŸ˜†


I gave my first meetup talk this week! 🎀
It was in the DEV IRL TLV meetup.
Thanks for whoever listened, the DEV community is fun and positive IRL too :)


It was a about making a blog with Gatsby and netlify.
Already learned a valuable lesson: live coding is much slower if you're holding a microphone in one hand :)


Just uploaded a video of it. Sorry about the background noise... youtu.be/NyACQxpXza4


This week, I...flew from NY - SF and immediately jumped into 4 hours of meetings. Just proud to have made it through the day :)


4 hours of meeting! I'm wearing out just imagining it. FOUR! Hustle train ain't stopping! πŸ‘Š


πŸ¦„ Applied for a remote job as a Junior software engineer

Just cleared the coding test and then initial interview (behavioral)

Last interview (technical) is on Monday

Kindly pray for me and share with me some cool interview preparation resources πŸ˜”


Thoughts and prayers. I am a junior dev too. What are some of the places you'd recommend to apply for remote positions?


Can you share with us about your experience and opinion when applying remote position for junior?



Before applying to any remote job:

Improve your communication skills and get familiar with Slack

Learn GitHub Flow

Learn some basics of Agile/Scrum methodology

Some resources I mentioned earlier


I along with my other hackathon partners gave a talk to our juniors about hackathons and general coding guidelines 🌻🌻

Also, my npm package ProjectMan was dependent on 36 packages (including indirect dependencies) I did some refactoring to bring it down to 4 packages and this week NPM featured it in their official blog medium.com/npm-inc/npm-weekly-215-...



Nice and congrats for the highlight, man!

Stupid question but how did you create the binaries for ProjectMan?


Managed to publish new content on dev.to after a long time! Been working on it for a few weeks after working hours, feels really good to finally put it out there.


I had two PRs accepted to a big open source project and a 3rd is well on the way.


This week I've reached 600 contributions on the DigitalOcean community forum!


It feels amazing to be able to help people with all kinds of different cases.

  • Released an update to my CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet VS Code extension. I'm quite happy about it because it adds a little icon in front of the flex value. It's the same one used in the Firefox Dev Tools :D
  • Went to a job interview and got a contract on my email. Now I just need to sign it :)

Published my first Gatsby project! JackHarner.com is my personal site that used to just be a single page HTML file hosted on GitHub Pages. It's still hosted on GitHub Pages, but it's a tiny bit more complex than it used to be.

Would love some Friday Feedback if anyone has any suggestions.


Awesome site, I like the style. I also built my blog using Gatsby but I've hosted it on Netlify. Did you start from a template or you built all from scratch?


I just started with the default starter and built it from scratch. I'm definitely interested in using it more!


This week a company reached out to me to write a tutorial for their product. All thanks to my profile and write ups on dev.to!


I started to implement GraphQL to a small API personal project, and it goes pretty well !


I launched reactscreencasts.com ! I have a ton of ideas for tutorials and guides and courses now :) and that’s where they’ll go. Exciting!


I got co-workers from 5 different cities to join me in the #ClimateStrike, despite having joined my company less than 2 months ago! We now have a Climate group, and a our first experience participating in a demo (besides Pride, which is more commercial nowadays)


My win was to know myself better and keep moving even when I am sad and not have energy to continue.

I became the inspiration of myself for not giving up.
Now I am just giving myself time and a cup of coffee to rest.



I started in my new job as a Junior Developer!! it was my first week at this job


Finished a API client in my app its a huge step closer to done :)


Delivered two talks. One at our company day about how and why agile should (re)focus on the developer and one at a local agile event about the importance of coding guidelines and decision fatigue. It was a tiring week, but it was worth it!


Learned and configured all about the Jackson Object Mapper in Java, wrote my own deserializers in order to configure fields I couldn't access and started configuring some integration end to end tests on what will become a key feature in the roadmap of my company for the future!! I'm happy :)



I wish I could say it was being granted the admin rights I need to do the bulk of my work but alas, the most positive thing might be having a document writer hired onboard so that I can finally have someone to appreciate my documentation skills and collaborate with...!



Led a guided conversation on data, and I'm reassured that the most engaging questions were about security and ethics.


This week, I..was able to show the uploaded csv in my django project to the template


After the creation of codeurdejeux.com I have opened the facebook page and made a first video in french and will continue in french but just a site and an FB page with vids/tutos/lectures less dudeist trying to be more pro

That's a win belive me


I got my first interview invite! Trying to not get my hopes up too high yet, since it's the introduction stage & how often does the first interview become the only one? But it's definitely helped fight a bit of impostor syndrome and feeling like I don't belong in this field. :) So...fingers crossed!


I finally implemented pattern matching in Gwion!!!! It was the least feature on my plan 🍾

After a big (for me at least) fuzzing session of 88,8 millions execs
that found 8 bugs, all fixed πŸ˜„

Lastly I vastly improved internal flow mechanism, and might expose some of that to the language, and this also feels like a win.

exposing internal operators to the language


Aside from a couple of technical wins (which I'll get to) this batch of biscuits won me some gratitude from my wife.

You're welcome to try and/or adapt any of the recipes on that site, by the way.


Job related: I finally finished a ticket that has taken me four days to complete!
Not job related: I PR’d in my 12 minute running benchmark at my gym this morning πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ


Got an assignment, completed it successfully and that way got an appointment for internship-job interview. So happy:)


Does surviving an earthquake make the "wins" list?

Yesterday all was good, until it wasnt. A big earthquake, with an intensity up to 7.8 hit my contry.

Biggest earthquake in last 30 years as the official state agencies handling the situation said.

Fortunately no fatalities where registered but still the situation after the earthquake hit was horrible. Not because of the damages, because of the fear.

This was my win this week.


I've started my personal project. It's a webapp built using angular and firebase. Since I use MySQL at work, I wanted to learn more about nosql too, to get a better idea of both worlds. So far, SQL seems much better than nosql but I don't have enough experience to judge firebase


Discovered extremely good, flexible and easy to work with modal/confirm/alert script (no dependencies) - sweetalert2.github.io/ :)

I treat it as a win because its already implemented in a project and saved me a ton of time, while having fun doing it ;)


I checked out a book on C programming from the library today, and I had my first frontend coding interview yesterday!


I finally set up CI/CD after numerous failed attempts over the past 2 years and I'm very excited it finally works!


This week has been the hardest for me at work. But glad it ended on a high note.


This week I finally started back on an old side project that I've been wanting to find the motivation for for a while.


All the big webpack changes I did are now in our code base. Boom. For the DEV codebase, I'll be teaming up with Mac to get it sorted.

Made some major improvements to our webpack builds at work. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Now I just have to get it sorted out for DEV. I'm kind of swamped for the next little while, so if anyone wants to help on this, the PR is here:

[WIP] Babel & Webpack Upgrades #3887

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [x] Refactor
  • [ ] Feature
  • [ ] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Documentation Update


This upgrades Babel to version 7.x and webpack/webpacker to version 4.x. This work is good for the project in general, but it also lays the groundwork to fix the Storybook issue mentioned in #338.

Related Tickets & Documents

  • #338
  • #3490
  • #2034

Added to documentation?

  • [ ] docs.dev.to
  • [ ] readme
  • [x] no documentation needed

[optional] What gif best describes this PR or how it makes you feel?



I had 3 separate interviews on Wednesday and accepted an offer on Thursday. πŸ‘


Had the UI/UX designer validate my implementation of her design specs


We had 1000 people show up to our local Climate Strike!


Finished a pair of massive features and kept writing, despite a nasty cold.


Started to get back to writing for freelanceafterfive.com.

Took a break from freelancing to help write more content to help people get into freelancing πŸ™‚


Fixing a bug on Vuex ORM I had trouble with.

Long story short: Read all the docs, please. πŸ˜…


After a couple of weeks fighting, my team got our first Junit migrated into the cloud native version of our application. We also got the Junits to then actually function in Jenkins!


Gave my first talk at GDG DevFest 2019 in Auburn and preparing to talk at DotNetConf next week. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Got started a new project. Something I've always wanted to do but not had the time to.


Launched cloudegg.net

A place to submit or explore cloud computing use cases.


Started 100 Days of Code and the streak is still alive.


I wanted to wait till today to respond.

I had my first technical talk today πŸ˜‡ on Intro to Web Development 😏

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