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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


Happy Friday!


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I signed up for dev.to and wrote a post! It's been a long time coming.... :)

Here's the post: dev.to/chrisachard/use-react-hooks...


I also wrote my first dev.to post this week. Your post was great!



Yours looks great too - (and a lot more complex than mine! πŸ˜‚)

Just means I have a greater chance of botching it and finding myself looking a tad bit goofy. Poor planning on my part. πŸ€£πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


This week, I...felt like I got some good synchronous work done with @ben & @peter . Also this tweet :D


It was my last day at my job, even when I will miss my teams, I'm happy to start a new chapter, to learn new things and especially to get to know more people


It sounds like a mixed feeling. I've only left workplaces when there is nothing to miss about anymore, so I can't easily imagine your feeling, but it must be really complexed.
Hope all the best for your future!


I was home in Halifax attending the wedding of one of my longtime friends Bradley (in the purple blazer below) and it was a really great time!

I've known him since we were about 11 and we went to the same high school and college, so it was a reunion of folks I've known from all different contexts. That pic includes on high school friend and one college friend. πŸ˜„

And then I got to get back to work and feel pretty refreshed. It's been a while since I've been super "available" for small coding tasks, so I was happy to make a few solid bug fixes like this one:

Fix mention notification to mention proper user #3721

What type of PR is this? (check all applicable)

  • [ ] Refactor
  • [ ] Feature
  • [x] Bug Fix
  • [ ] Documentation Update


The bug was introduced here: github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...

Fixes #3718

Good week πŸ˜„


Oh neat! I'm adding that to my reading list for sure. Do you know of any other similar books?


Went to Asheville over the weekend and visited the Moog factory... it's like Willy Wonka's factory but with synths. The front store area has a bunch of instruments with headphones plugged into each one, so you can easily jam out in your own little world!

I was grooving pretty hard on the theremin and probably looked pretty ridiculous. πŸ˜€



I've launched my own blog πŸ₯³πŸ₯³


I love how the dark theme is your default! I'd buy you a beer just for that!


Yeah I really love dark theme. In the article I've published I said I'm all "dark mode ALL THE THINGS".


Wow, you made me a bit guilty. was (one of) my to-do list for summer but not sure if I can make it. Should stop being idle and have to do whatsoever. anyways, Congrats with yours!πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰


Just do it! There are great starters for Gatsby and the community is awesome!


Signed up to do my first tech talk at a work organised meet up! Also I’m now on holiday for 2 weeks πŸ‘β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ


Nice! Giving talks can be nerve wracking - but you'll almost always learn something; plus you get to share you knowledge with others which is always cool. Good luck!


Thanks! Yes I’ve done a bit of public speaking before just never in a tech setting. I suspect I’ll be fighting the old imposter syndrome more and more in the build up but hey you’ve got to push through these things sometimes and just β€˜ship it’ sometimes!

Yep :) Good ol' imposter syndrome...


I automated updating dependencies for my site. πŸ”₯ πŸ’ͺ🏻

And of course I wrote a post about it. πŸ˜‰


Migrated our codebase from React version 15.4 to 16.9! Needless to say it was a very tedious process!


Ah! I'll bet. Does anything stick out as being the worst part? I have some old codebases that I'm not looking forward to updating...


Everything went perfectly fine until it came to upgrade React Router from 2.8 to 4... Things got a little bit out of control, but thank goodness for git!

Ah yeah - I'll have to watch out for React Router too. Thanks!


I run a software development studio. For last year my accounting was more like management accounting without giving me much details on anything specific. I took this week to fix that.
Now I have signed with an online accounting platform and all my accounting is now pro style. My CA can understand it and I don't need an accountant to take care of it.

It's a big win for me. I can see my updated financial statements everyday.


This week I found out that 2 of my colleagues indirectly joined the company because of me 😳



In one of my personal projects, which is a WPF application, I've managed to get it to connect to a Firebase database with Firesharp and get/set data. Now I'm just looking to create a sign-up/login form to have the data connect to a particular user.

Never used Firebase before, but Firesharp was really easy to pick up and understand.


Just put the "finishing" (Is anything ever truly finished?) touches on a Gridsome starter I've been working on!

Site Preview: gridsomeairtable.netlify.com/


GitHub logo 12vanblart / gridsome-airtable-starter

A Gridsome starter leveraging Airtable with a minimalist design.

Netlify Status

Airtable starter for Gridsome

This starter is meant to act as a starting point/example for connecting Gridsome with Airtable.

Note: This Starter utilizes Moment.js for date/times and can be removed from the Event files if not needed (and removed with yarn remove moment)

Install Gridsome CLI tool (if you dont' have it already)

npm install --global @gridsome/cli

Create a Gridsome project

  1. gridsome create my-gridsome-site https://github.com/12vanblart/gridsome-airtable-starter.git to install this starter
  2. cd my-gridsome-site to open the folder
  3. gridsome develop to start a local dev server at http://localhost:8080
  4. Happy coding πŸŽ‰πŸ’»

Configure your Airtable connection

Inside your gridsome.config.js file, you'll see the following:

// gridsome.config.js //
module.exports = {
  siteName: 'Site Name'
  plugins: [
      use: '@gridsome/source-airtable'
      options: {
        // Add these to a .env file
        // Details on finding these values can be found at:
        // https://gridsome.org/plugins/@gridsome/source-airtable

Released my first VS Code extension and wrote a post about it. So far it's been installed 189 times which is amazing! πŸ˜πŸš€


identified a customer that was a flight risk through a post in a large Facebook group -- got our team on it so we could fix the issue before they churned!


I merged the branch(es) allowing Tuples in Gwion.
More importantly, I fixed a few memory issues, so that I can do

./gwion $(repeat 20 ls **/*.gw)

launching Gwion with approx. 20*600 files.
That's quite a win.


Today I found a subtle bug at the core of our platform which only happens on the production database (mongo) and can't be reproduced locally. I got to the bottom of it and still can't figure it out.

But the fight isn't over, and I have a plan on how to win! πŸ’ͺ

Plotting away


I developed a new feature for our Angular app (even though I'm a React dev at heart with no Angular knowledge) that was praised by the senior dev and our CTO!

This was right before I edited live data in our production tables while thinking I was on the test server :D



I was not able to get Auth0 authentication working in my NestJS project. I also asked for help here:

I was struggling with this problem for a few days, I then took a break and didn't touch my code for a day or so.
I started again with a clean mind and could solve problem within an hour πŸ₯³.

That's why I love programming, you always have this great moments when you achieved something πŸ’ͺ
And normally you have this little breakthroughs every few hours or days (depending on the size of your projects). For me, that's the most motivating thing in my job!

BTW: I'm writing an article on how I solved it πŸ˜‰.


It was a great week. I got accepted into the GitLab Heroes program. And my talk proposal about "Mentoring New Contributors on your Open Project" was approved for the first Open Source Software Contributors Summit that will be celebrated next month in Guadalajara, Mexico.


I was accepted into a computer science master's program! (part-time so I can keep working) I'm incredibly excited about this :D

carlton dancing gif


I got to learn, practice, and (literally) play with the gamepad API, and create a small demo... I'll try to build something a little bit larger, and write a post about it, if I find some time during the weekend.


Starting a new project which now it's almost half way. It's basically a rewrite of a project I did some time ago for a Google Drive sync client.
The old project is fully functional but written in Javascript and not intended for low-end devices. Also some issues with memory management with V8's garbage collector (reading a big file takes much memory which is't freed) led me to think about using other lang.
Golang was the chosen one (although it has a Garbage Collector) after some tests trying to reproduce the same issue affecting V8.
Check it out here: gogdrive(1)


The non-profit org I'm working with loved the mockup I did on balsamiq cloud πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


This was a very good week
One of the best over past few months.

1) Learnt Figma and UI prototyping on it.
2) Finally Rolled out long time update on my app on the play store.
3) Added a ton of features for the next release.
4) finally felt in the zone throughout the week.


Finished my 2.5 month summer internship and got my first real world dev experience!


Finally finished the first build of the scheduler part of a generic scheduler-agent-supervisor application I've been working on. Will be open sourcing to git hub and writing about the Dev on here soon.

  • Holy cow, I now have 4000 followers on here?

  • I have a phone interview with a startup recruiter and an on-site interview at a university next week!


2nd day of the kendo seminar I co-organized with a friend in Lannion/France. 60 participants so far.


Launched divjoy.com on Hacker News and stayed at the top all day. 15k visitors and a ton of feedback πŸ™Œ


Asked for feedback to help me finish my CV and applied for an internship (I'd been procrastinating this for months).

  • Completed building my first CLI application!
  • Pass the project review!!
  • Wrote a blog post about my process!!!

I placed 1st in a Hackathon that occurred in my college last Wednesday, followed by a job offer the day after :D


Getting more involved in the dev.to community.


Finished 3 agonizing stories during this last sprint.


Just finished week 1 and 2 of Harvard's CS 50 course


I wrote a blog post after quite a long hiatus. And the best part was that I decided on the topic in the morning and published the post before going to bed on the same day.


Not crying at work and giving very firm handshakes. πŸ˜‚


Ok but honestly speaking? Writing a ternary into prod code and getting in my first bug fixes with no PR comments


Today is my birthday!

This got published this week.


Wrote 2 articles for dev.to, excited to publish soon.


Finished my first freelancing project.


It was quite a big one. Understand how to make a Microservice in .NET, configure Team City with Octopus for CI, learn Dependency Injection in C#. It felt so good 😍


Progress on raising money β™₯οΈπŸ™


I'm taking some time off next week. Doesn't seem like a win to most people, but when you work in the environment I do with the tendency to overwork that I exhibit, it's a pretty big accomplishment. πŸ˜…