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How to use kubernetes livenessProbe, readinessProbe, startupProbe?

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Maintaining a healthy Kubernetes cluster is really challenging especially if you have not configured the Liveness, Readiness, and Startup Probes correctly for your containers deployed under Kubernetes containers.

If I have to put it in a simple way -

  1. Liveness probes - It is responsible for restarting your container if it senses a deadlock.
  2. Readiness probes - This probe will tell when the container is ready to start traffic.
  3. Startup probes - It tells when the container application has started.

In this lab session, we are going to see -

  1. What are Kubernetes Probes?
  2. How to create Kubernetes liveness probes?
  3. How to create Kubernetes Readiness probes?
  4. How to create Kubernetes Startup probes?

How to implement Kubernetes liveness, Readiness and Startup probes -

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