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Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 57)

Open Source thrives through shared efforts. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, we're here to encourage your contributions, motivate your endeavors, and provide valuable assistance to maintainers. Together, we are building amazing things!

Tell us about your project

Promote your project by providing a link to the repo. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always πŸ˜„

Open Source should be a welcoming space for contributors. The README is the front door of your project. If you'd like to check out an example of a README, here's our OpenSauced/insights README.

If you submit please have the following in your repo to make it welcoming and helpful for contributors:


Feel free to drop your issues and repos in the OpenSauced Discord #πŸ‘€-looking-for-contributors channel at any time!

If you're new to open source, and you're not sure where to start, check out our Intro to Open Source course.

Finally, consider reading the Best Practices for Maintainers.

Just a note to say, we've restarted this post from something Ben was doing for a while :star-struck:

Happy contributing!

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Kiran Krishnan

We're looking for contributors for the following open source projects. We've added some new "good-first-issue" tasks.

xanderrubio profile image
Alexander Clemens

Accepting contributors of all levels to share what they want to do before they die in text and image on our React Open Source Project called Before I Die Code! πŸ˜ƒ

This project is inspired by the Before I Die Wall Project, and we would like to create our digital Before I Die wall project and continually enhance the UI, tech stack, appreciation to contributors with an interactive map page, adding ML/AI and backend API capabilities. The role of the project is to assist new developers with learning the process of git flow, identifying for themselves, and taking the time to decide "What do you want to do before you die?" and create it! πŸš€

We are a great first-timer with open issues! The first is to add your Before I Die image and text.πŸŽ‰

Thank you, @bekahhw, for creating space to share our open-source projects! πŸ™Œ

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Deveesh Shetty

We created this project for a competition, but it has a lot of potential and we want improve it more by adding your valuable contribution.

Rudraksh - Plant Disease Detection is built using NextJs, TailwindCSS and TypeScript. Currently, it is using external API to detect the diseases but we are planning to create our own ML Model and APIs to serve the purpose.

Open to contributions.
Happy Learning!

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Ben Halpern

Folks are welcome to take a look at Forem ready-for-dev issues!

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Kiran Krishnan

If anyone is interested in contributing to Next.js based open-source projects, I created a list of 9 Next.js Open Source Projects that are looking for contributors.

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We are always looking for contributors for the KinsonDigital organization!!

Main projects are:

We also have some github actions as well. If you can't find anything, we can find something for you.

We will also be creating Hacktoberfest issues in the coming weeks. 🀘🏼

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i have a game project called roguelike project, its made in rust, u all can open issues here:

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GitHub logo ZigRazor / CXXGraph

Header-Only C++ Library for Graph Representation and Algorithms




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Join the chat at

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CXXGraph is a small library, header only, that manages the Graph and it's algorithms in C++. In other words a "Comprehensive C++ Graph Library" An alternative to Boost Graph Library (BGL).

We are Looking for...

We are looking for:

  • Site Developer for the development of the CXXGraph site ( for the moment on GitHub Page );
  • Developers and Committers, also at first experience, we will guide you step by step to the open-source world!

If you are interested, please contact us at or contribute to this project. We are waiting for you!


Completed Description Date of Completition
βœ”οΈ First Optimization Apr 4, 2022
βœ”οΈ Add Benchmark for all algorithms Oct 5, 2022
βœ”οΈ Code Optimization Oct 5, 2022
βœ”οΈ Release 0.4.0 Oct 7, 2022
βœ”οΈ "Const" Code Review #155 Mar 23, 2023
βœ”οΈ Release 0.5.0 Mar 23, 2023
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