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Advent of Code 2020: Python Solution Day 1

This is my first ever challenge and I was amazed by the challenges. I am proficient in Python so all codes will be on Python3.

Day 1 seems to be easier to tackle.
I am saving my input as day1.txt on same directory as my Jupyter Notebook is.

with open("day1.txt", "r") as fp:
    num = fp.readlines()
# print(num)
num = [int(i.split("\n")[0]) for i in num]
print("Solution: 1\n")
# solution 1
for i in num:
    if 2020-i in num:
        print(i, 2020-i, i*(2020-i))

print("Solution: 2\n")        
# solution 2
for i in num:
    for j in num:
        if (2020-i - j) in num:
            print(2020-i-j, i, j)
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Result of above code is given below:

Solution: 1

933 1087 1014171
1087 933 1014171

Solution: 2

566 59 1395
1395 59 566
566 1395 59
59 1395 566
1395 566 59
59 566 1395
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I write blogs about Computer Vision projects on my GitHub page and if you got some time please share yours too.

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Paul Micheli

Who's setting these challenges?

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