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I am not a sel-taught developer for sure. I have been taught by many. Out of appreciation, I want to help others too. One thing I'm sure of though is that I'm a retired biochemist who never practised.

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I'm looking for work!

#discussWhat do you do while waiting?

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#discussKindly share the work/life related website(s) you never fail to visit everyday, and why

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#discussWhat are your basic metrics for judging a website as a Product Manager or Developer?

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#discussWhy do some Programming Tutorials not place emphasis on Software Architecture Principles?

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#discussWhich tool/language documentation do you have a strong confidence in?

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Predicting JavaScript Equality Comparisons Correctly

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Formatting Numbers in JavaScript with Intl.NumberFormat

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Darting into Flutter - My Experience

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Handling animations properly with the RxJS finalize operator

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Using toLocaleString for number objects in JavaScript

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