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Welcome Thread - v156

Ringo saying hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!

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Martin Krause

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the!

I'm Martin, I was a Senior Front End Architect / Manager at one of the world's largest interactive agencies, leading Front End Teams for international accounts. In 2018 I quit and now I'm traveling the world as a professional scuba diver and fully remote Senior Front End Architect / Front End Tech Lead for various international clients.

On I write mostly about modern Front End Development with react.js and next.js, other topics are design and pure code. I love handcrafted CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. However, a proper framework or library is essential for modern Front End Development.

Currently, I'm publishing the weekly "WebDevDigest: A curated list of the top five web development must-reads from last week" and a library of JavaScript functions in 1 line of code which you can also find on npmjs: onelinecode and GitHub: onelinecode.

If I have enough time, I write more in-depth articles about next.js + TypeScript, for example how to create multi-language pages with next export which is on GitHub:next-export-i18n and npmjs: next-export-i18n

I recommend following the general tags webdev, vscode , career and productivity and javascript, react, CSS. Head over to your Dashboard and adjust the tag weight for personal great home feed.

Here's a list of articles to start your journey as an successful developer and a great writer:

If you're interested in my articles, follow me on or

In case you have questions or want to get in touch, feel free to contact me on

And don't forget to start posting today!


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Kingsley Odibendi

Thanks a lot for the article.. i really appreciate them and looking forward to reading all.

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saucynosoy.eth ❄️

Incredible, thank you Martin

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Aditria Pardana


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Gum Za


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Jonson B.


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I want to make my gig come to first page on fiverr
How is that possible

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Osman Goni


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Thanks a lot martin🀩

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Hello everyone

I am a newbie in the field of coding . I started coding lessons using freecodecamp in november and I am still on html . Some of the codes are tough to me. Looking for a coding partner who is patient.

xinusys profile image

Hello AbigirlMuchineripi!

I am sure you can find lots of partners willing to cover HTML with you. Since you are new to HTML , you will need a couple of weeks to not only explore the various tags in the documentation, but also to look out for all sorts of markup errors.

The key thing is to remain committed <πŸ’― >.
Best of luck to you. πŸ‹πŸ––

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Mohammed Makki

Hi, im looking for one also

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Same here. Best of luck!

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Kingsley Odibendi

Hello Abigirl..i am a newbie too. Started this month on FCC. Would be awesome to connect with you

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Denigma - AI Code Explanation

Hello everyone,

I'm not very technical yet. 'm learning basic java and python, so that I'm better able to contribute to my team in the project I'm working on. Any tips would be appreciated.

I want to connect with as many developers as possible to ask them questions and get them to test Denigma. Denigma is an AI that reads and explains code in understandable English. Test for yourself :

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Fernando Netto

Hello everyone,
I'm Fernando and I'm currently a front-end developer, honing back-end skills and focused on full-stack. Always studying and developing with the most current resources and interest in JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, React, NextJS, API, MySQL, NoSQL, AWS, Oracle e Docker.
I hope to help and get some help if needed and I wish success for everyone.

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Hi, I'm Jane Vyshnova - CEO and Co-founder of Dinarys, a progressive e-commerce company and a Magento, Adobe and Shopware Solution partner. I have over ten years of management experience and have been working in information technology for the past 8 years.

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Hi, im person self teaching myself about web3 developing!
I want to interact everyone who is interested to blockchain/web3!
Let's have some fun...

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Waqar Sabir

Hi @sungjuneun
i'm also new to blockchain technology and very excited to learn new things and web3 related in blockchain technology

moyedx3 profile image

Hi Waqar, Nice to meet you!

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Hi everyone
, Curious and interested, learning
I am very happy for all my friends in this course to help me learn everything I need to see and see
Let their experiences guide me.
I'm so proud, thank you

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Osagie Bernard Ebhuomhan

Hi everyone,
My name is Osagie Bernard. I am a Full Stack Web Developer.

I mostly work on high performance, feature-packed Web and Mobile Applications for iOS and Android using MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. I also work with flutter, Javascript and Laravel PHP.

I'm eager to learn more and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

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Hello everyone,
My name is Alex, and I’m a new-to-it-switcher. Looking for my path and trying to understand this Big New World. Learning new things and words) Nice to meet all of you. Thanks for sharing your minds. Hope I will find strong knowledges and good people.

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Hello World!

a little about me, I'm from the USA, N?Y to be exact. I loved technology from an early age (commodore 64). went to school for Web design. Took a long long hiatus and now I'm back with a vengeance learning Python as of now and taking some courses in Info-sec/cyber security.

Feel feel to say hi or any constructive criticism!

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Hey Developers!

I'm Antonio AKA Code_Ant.

Here trying to find persons I can learn with, Learn from and also Teach Something. I am a first University CS student trying to learn as much and network in other persons in my career field.

I'm interested in Web develompent and App development. The Programming and scripting languages I have base knowledge on are C, Python, Html and CSS.

I'm currently learning Java and JavaScript.

Really looking forward to calloborating!

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Damien James

Hey all, I just found out about this community and I'm looking forward to reading insight from other like minded guys. I'm currently really interested in cloud computing!

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Sohail Ishaque

Hello everyone,

This is Sohail Ishaque,.. and i am amazed to be part of this amazing community where so much knowledge is available. I hope to b a good and positive member of the community. Thankyou.

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Kingsley Odibendi

Welcome mate

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I am Semih. I'm a software engineering student. I also do drawings and animations at beginner level. I'm new to communities, I want to find small groups for basic beginner projects to do in a short time to see how we improve ourselves. Also by that, we can boost each other when anyone feel tired.

Contact me if you have one or you want to start a group like that.

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Jeffrey Feldman

Hi everyone! I've lurked around twitter for a while, and am honestly looking for forums to spread the word about job openings on our dev team! We build apps for basketball coaches and more! We're hiring 3 positions: QA Engineer, Frontend (react) Engineer, Backend (java/kotlin) Engineer. Check it out and share if you're interested!