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Welcome Thread - v167

Angela from The Office saying "Hay"

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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martinkr profile image
martin krause

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the!

I'm Martin, I was a Senior Front End Architect / Manager at one of the world's largest interactive agencies, leading Front End Teams for international accounts. In 2018 I quit and now I'm traveling the world as a professional scuba diver and fully remote Senior Front End Architect / Front End Tech Lead for various international clients.

On I write mostly about modern Front End Development with react.js and next.js, other topics are design and pure code. I love handcrafted CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. However, a proper framework or library is essential for modern Front End Development.

Currently, I'm publishing the weekly "WebDevDigest: A curated list of the top five web development must-reads from last week" and a library of JavaScript functions in 1 line of code which you can also find on npmjs: onelinecode and GitHub: onelinecode.

If I have enough time, I write more in-depth articles about next.js + TypeScript, for example how to create multi-language pages with next export which is on GitHub:next-export-i18n and npmjs: next-export-i18n

I recommend following the general tags webdev, vscode , career and productivity and javascript, react, CSS. Head over to your Dashboard and adjust the tag weight for to personalize your home feed.

Here's a list of articles to start your journey as an successful developer and a great writer:

If you are looking for your next job, I highly recommend to buy the Book De-Coding the Technical Interview Process by Emma Bostian. It is hands down the best preparation for every technical interview.

If you're interested in my articles, follow me on or

In case you have questions or want to get in touch, feel free to contact me on

And don't forget to start posting today!


biggjo112 profile image

Hi there, I'm joshua, New in this community, here to meet more people in the same field as i am, hoping to create network of friends.

neyaznafiz profile image

Hi there !
I'm NEYAZ, I'm a web developer. I love to play with my keyboard for recreation. I'm New in this community, hoping to create network of friends.

I'm grateful to be here.

greg09 profile image
Gregory Liard

Bonjour à tous, je suis débutant sur sur ce forum ainsi que pour le métier de développeur web , je suis actuellement en formation. j'espère que je pourrais compter sur votre aide au besoin de précision. bon courage à tous.

mheidari988 profile image
Mohammadreza Heidari

Hey everyone.
This is Mohi. Im a dot net developer interested on all dot net technologies. Currently working on signal processing and price action analysis based on chain of action.

anderssorby profile image
Anders Christiansen Sørby • Edited

Hello :)
I'm working with Yatima Inc to expand the Lean language to new areas like Filecoin fvm and Zero knowledge proofs.
For Lean start here
Yatima language is here

ernestvonmoscow profile image

Greetings, I'm an Aspiring Self-Taught programmer from Moscow. Programming is my main field of learning and practice but i do have a couple of hobbies.

I'm mainly working with Java and Go for my personal projects and research.

I decided to join the community in order to communicate with other like-minded individuals and share my thoughts through articles 📰,

Pleasure to be with you all! 😇

evkir profile image
Evgeniia Kiriushina

Hey everyone!👋

My name is Evgeniia, but you can call me Jane :)
For now I live and study/work in Italy in the Apple Developer Academy. I have about 7 years of experience in development. I worked with HTML and CSS at first, learned Java and was a full stack developer and last 2,5 years I have been learning Swift :)

Happy to be here and hope to find inspiration and amazing friends☺️

tashynw profile image
Tashyn Wallace

Hi, I'm Tashyn, a first year student studying Computer Science at the University of the West Indies. I’m interested in anything software related. I currently know the full MERN stack, basic C#, Java, Python, SQL and many other languages/frameworks. Check out my github repos. Recently posted a CRUD Blog App developed with the MERN stack.

niranjanck profile image

Hi everyone,
I'm Niranjan,
I'm studying MCA. I am learning something new like vue, react, flutter, blockchain from the internet. It's fun to learn something new, which's why I came here to find out about the latest updates on DEVWORLD.

davidpham9x profile image

Hi everyone,

My name is Huy. I base in Viet Nam. Nice to e-meet your guys.

My current job is as a Product Manager at ShopeePay(e-wallet). I join community to learn and update all information about developers like tech trends, skills, tips, and anything related to tech.

I'm very happy to join here.

innocentgeorgemithunyamusa profile image

Hi , I'm George currently in my final year doing computer science degree - I'm really excited to be a part of this community

tommy1099 profile image

Hi im tommy
I grow up with the passion of games and developing games.
Im 22 and just jumped into data structures and algorithms and im feeling some progress 💪
Also i have interests in linux 🐧🐧🐧
Wish me luck.

stinklewinks profile image
Drew Marshall

Good luck with the game dev Tommy!
What kind of games are looking to develop?

codelivesmatter profile image
Bishop Beesquiat

Whats up everyone!

I am excited to be part of this community. I have been in love with technology and computers for a long time. I still have my first computer which was a Packard Bell and my original AOl 95 install disc haha! I am trying to turn my passion into a career. I realized the 9-5 to rat race isn't for me and I am hoping to change my life for the better. I also want to inspire my friends and family to not be afraid to try something they love and find something that makes them happy. I have watched so many good people work jobs that they hate and then take all that negativity back home with them. I want people to feel excited about their career. I want to see people smile instead of being stressed and frustrated. I know change is hard but I am going to try and lead by example! I am currently learning Python and HTML. Hope to talk to many of you!

audreyteles profile image
Audrey Teles dos Santos

Hello everyone, I'm Audrey Teles a university student of Tecnologia em Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas that in English is something like Systems Analysis and Development Technology, if out of the Brazil anyone study this, I would like to know haha, but I think that no exist with this name.

I dont know much about this site and much less about English haha, but I want learn much things from you and to share that I know.

stinklewinks profile image
Drew Marshall

Hello all,
My name is Drew (call me StinkleWinks or Stinkle). I am a recent freelancer victim of COVID markets and going back to school for CS and Cyber Security.

I love IT and all things tech. I consider myself a generalist with a pipe dream of mastering it all. I love learning new skills and topics that don't just benefit my career but as a human, as well.

I look forward to learning from this community and building some friendships along the way!

vishnujb profile image

Hello everyone!
So good to be here!
It's my pleasure to meet you all!
Myself Vishnuvardhan Jettaboina from Hyderabad, India. Currently I'm working in Tata consultancy services Hyderabad, India as Associate system engineer trainee. Recently I started my learning career in IT sector, I'm happy for that. And I'm learning technologies like DevOps and Cyber security these are my career goals. And programming language is Python.

jojocoding profile image

Hey there!

The name is Jonathan, and I'm learning how to become a front end developer. I'm currently in the military and looking to learn tech to switch my career paths when I get out in a couple years. Currently taking the FreeCodeCamp approach to learning code.

darylisyoung profile image
Daryl Young

I am an old school in terms of socializing but my son introduced me of this marvelous community and now I feel like being in perfect community. I am currently working on making my AI and ML game strong. I am gonna share some of my opinions on Frontend and backend frameworks along with the hosting services soon.

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