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wavy hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello there! 👋🏼
My first encounter with a computer was a big a** IBM mainframe in National Iranian Oil Company offices in Ahwaz, Iran, around 30 years ago! From that day on I've been playing with things that compute 😊


I worked with Big Blue for nearly 10 years, Actually really liked it there. Only left due to personal circumstances. Still keeping an eye on the boards for an open position so I can try to go back again.


Hello Ali, it's nice to meet you!


I'm a former chef who left due to an unknown virus attacking my nervous system causing mainly my legs to be really weak. I started pursuing coding because it seemed fun and I could do it sitting down. I'm a coding newbie. Currently, I'm a college student for programming, and i've been learning to use Python for electronics with the raspberry pi.


I'm a former prep cook who got into programming to get make inventory tracking and recipe's hands-free and it changed my life forever, Now i build sensor networks on construction projects.

If your into using python for electronics, You should checkout eventghost.net/forum/viewforum.php....
Some really cool stuff you can do and it's all python.
You can connect it to your raspberry pi very easily with node-red and join.


Inventory management would be a nice app to develop. Ive tested a lot of preexisting ones and didnt like them.
Thank you for the link.

I built a interface for the various phone trigger options as a way to use it while in the kitchen.
Tasker is a really great way to learn some heavy programming concepts in an applicable and functional way.
Here's my project, The idea is as an example more than anything.
The inventory part is internal so I can't share it.

Enjoy! Happy to answer questions hmu

That's really neat.
It'd be pretty cool to be able to take a picture, and have the app recognize each item and how much, and based on par sheets tell you how much to order.
I think this would be a really extensive app though.


I hope you are doing okay, Daniel. Glad you found coding!


Coding has really been fun, there has been times when I doubt if it's right for me, but when I was playing with the raspberry pi, and successfully creating electronical circuits and the codes to use them, I was really glad and happy.
I'm currently trying to make an RC boat, but right now money is the thing that is causing a standstill.


Doing as ok in this quarantine as the next guy.


Hey!!! so nice to meet you!! I am a newbie myself... Hope you succeed... May the force be with you!!


Nice to meet you too.
Few more days til star wars day!


Hi, welcome to this great tech community!


Just curious, did you consider Lambda School? Just came across their site yesterday while looking at YC list of companies. (I don't work for them.)


The one thing I really like is that the first programming class, teaches you the logic and design of codes. We dont even learn the syntax of any language. The thought is if we learn a language, we only know how to code in that language and may not know how to code well. If we learn the logic, we can just learn the syntax later.


Havent really considered the bootcamps. I like the college's curriculum.


Hey! It's nice to meet you! Good luck with coding and becoming a super professional!


Nice to meet you too, thank you.


Wow so nice story! Let's play the game so! I love Python too, ping me if you need something :D


Hey there!! I'm new here and new to development. I'm definitely a code newbie. I'm currently working my way through learning some HTML and CSS via The Odin Project/Free Code Camp. If there are any tips or tricks to learning, please feel free to share!!


I love web development too!


I'm just getting started. So I'm still learning.

Cool! Wish you luck! I am making and will start to sell HTML/CSS templates soon. Check it out on IndieHackers: indiehackers.com/product/buildfast...

They are super easy to use and I think you would like it!


Welcome! For a tip I'd suggest taking notes! I've sometimes spent a ton of time doing a course, then a month or two later I don't recall much from it especially if I don't use it consistently, and have to go back and re-watch portions.


Thank you! I do take notes! It's just kind of hard to organize them all and then especially to search through them later.
Do you have any note taking tips and/or searching through the notes?

I think doing your best to group what you learn into coherent sections and subsections as well as going over your notes after the course to make them more readable really helps. If you want to take a look at an example, here are some of my notes on HTML/CSS/Javascript - notion.so/nutlope/Section-1-Front-...


You are not alone. We are onboard the same train! Going through the CSS "Applied Visual Design" in FCC!


Nice!! I've just completed CSS Flexbox!

Let me know when you get to the web design projects. Would love to check them out! :)

If I remember to reach out, I definitely will!! I'm kind of in between a few courses, that's why I say if I remember....LOL
You can always send me another message if you want to follow up.

Will do. I just finished Flexbox and Grid. Will start doing some practice on a side, I got a bit stuck there. I will also share with you once I'm there. :D

Awesome!! Yeah, I've completed Flexbox, but I haven't moved onto Grid yet.

Grid gets wild really quick haha


I'm new to coding too. Maybe we can help each other :)


Also new here. Welcome and all the best !


Hello! I am new to the DEV community (and about to graduate from Flatiron School). Coding has totally changed my life and I feel so lucky to have connected with helpful experienced developers online. Hoping to hold myself to more posting & to connect with more folks here.


!! I love hearing from other bootcamp grads who have awesome jobs.


That's awesome, I'm currently in a bootcamp as well!


Hey Alicia, it's nice to meet you! Good luck with posting articles and notes. Dev.to is an amazing community to share experience, knowledge, and opinions.)


Thanks so much, Sergey! I can see that already.


Hi, coding people 🙋‍♂️.
I am Atul Prajapati from India 🏞️
Atulprajapati.in 😎🔥


I have several friends from India, they make some of the vegetarian dishes, and I like most prefer meat. Learnt a bit about the Indian culture from them. Probably my favorite dish was Indian butter chicken.


That's great 😎🍒 I like litti chokkha which is little bit similar to butter chicken 🍗


Hey there! 🙋‍♂️

Hope you dig it here.


Hey everybody! Here's a helpful post for folks new to DEV:

Of course, if you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask!


But how do i write my first post about picking which post on how to write your first post?

but(how_do(write(first_post(about_picking_which_post_on(how)+(to write your first post)))))?)

idk but it won't build :D


Hello world,

I'm here to read and learn as much as I can. I'm starting my journey of learning to code, following the program in FreeCodeCamp.

I do what I can, as I don't have persistent internet connection. I work as a crewmember for cruiseships and I live onboard for 10 months a year :D.

I'm currently somewhere in international waters until I can leave the ship and go back home, when borders open.

Love gaming. Love programming. Love tech, and I'm glad I found this community. <3


Oh wow, working onboard a cruiseship! I imagine you've seen quite a lot.

And woaaa, I honestly hadn't thought that much about the effects COVID is having on folks that work as crewmembers — that's wild. Best of luck to you in getting home!

I'm also a gamer, but not a dev. Still, I know my way around here. 🙂 Consider checking out the game dev tag:

And, if you're wondering how I made that embed happen it's through a liquid tag — {% tag gamedev %} ... you can learn about more embeds and other editor tricks on this page.

Anyway, great to have you here and I hope you enjoy DEV!


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It's awesome to be here.


Hey everyone, I heard about this site while watching a live stream on YouTube. I am currently learning Python and looking for like minded people to collaborate with as we grow.
Looking at Ali's intro below, I am reminded of my first encounter with a computer. It was at a friends place and he had left the cursor with a question "format C:\?". Thinking I was being helpful, I typed "yes". We haven't spoken in a very long while (he did steal my very expensive shoes at the time so that might be why too) :)
As for today, I work with Linux and I am looking to contribute more to open source projects.


Hello, it's nice to meet you! Yes, Dev.to is a great platform. I've been here since August and really enjoy it.


Hi Devs.
Just wanna share and learn..
Into Web dev(BS+Django+Postgres)
Fun fact: Can sit for hours :)


Hello there 👋
I was here by accident when I search for something related to git commit message. This UI is so eyegasm. I mean look at those icons around the screen.
I think my two best places to seek anything related to coding and machine learning are dev.to and medium.com 🔥


Hi everyone! 👋
I'm Jack Tobin from NYC 🏢
I joined Dev to get more involved with the blogging community ⌨️
I'm currently working on my personal website: jacktobin.me
Will hopefully be writing my first post soon... 🤞


Sending over a friendly welcome from a Greenpoint (Brooklyn) resident!


Hola everyone,

This article might be interesting for those looking on how to start a side project:

And for those looking to read about Java and JVM I occasionally post things here in dev.to:


Hi there.
I was becoming doctor but I dropped med school to be a programmer.
Just started with HTML.
Needs your support so I become a good programmer and don't repent on leaving medicine even a single day in life.


You won't regret it! (I hope).

We're here to support you 🙂


I am Athul.
My first encounter with coding was using LOGO to move the turtle in all directions about 14 years ago.
Still as excited as I was then.


Hellloo all ! Welcome to news DEVs members ! 👋🏼


Hello! Everyone!
I am a full stack developer from New Zealand.
Currently, I am playing around with different JS framework, like React, React Native, Express and GraphQL , etc. Also, I have tried some blockchain project based on substrate.
Coding is like a journey. Lets enjoy it!

Hope I can share something here! I can not believe I try to write something!!



Hobbyist coder here. Studied Software Engineering at Uni in the early ‘00s and have been messing around with code since but never worked in the industry. Started with Java and Perl but have dabbled with C, PHP, SQL and Haskell. JavaScript is what I’ve finally gotten pretty good at, this site has some fantastic JS knowledge and articles. It’s fun to be able to discuss coding in a friendly environment.

Cheers 😃


Hi Everyone! 😊
I started my coding journey in healthcare and haven't looked back since! I've been hunting to combing my knowledge of medical science with my passions for coding. For the past year I have been scripting in Python. Fun fact, my name is really Arcade :)


Hey guys, Bidemi here. I am a code newbie 😍😍 and I am looking forward to sharing my dev story. The plan is to become a Front End Engineer and perhaps move on to cloud/devops/AI.
Oh I am a lil bit shy so I am glad to be putting myself out here. Maybe I will even get to post everyday.
I love reading dev blogs and I am impressed by the weekly newsletter 👍👍


Hi everyone. I've been learning Python for a few months now, no prior experience with programming. Started to learn as I found there are few things at work (trading/investing) that I wanted to make faster or to be automated.

So now it has been couple of months that I've been struggling with my first project and finally yesterday I jumped out of my chair, danced around a little bit with a huge smile on my face, my wife probably thought I went crazy. But anyway, I finally managed to make a small part of the program to work as intended, no error messages that I couldn't understand, etc. Motivation is back in full force! Only 90% to go with that project now :D


Hey there!

I’m a technical expert with 10+ years ' experience in building software. Being a certified Corda and Java engineer and Scrum Master, I'm the CTO at blockchain development company.

I'm here to share technical tips, discuss ideas, and gain knowledge. I generally cover topics like programming, trends, and software technologies. I'm also writing about UI/UX design.

For instance, one of my recent posts contains recommendations on delivering an amazing user experience. Check out my blog and feel free to contact me!


Hello! :D
When I was younger, someone hacked my account in Orkut. It letted me down, but fascinated me too. One question taken my mind from that momment and on: how did he do that and how could I do the same? (I was a little demon.) The answer was obvious - my password was 123456 -, but the search made me a passionate by computers.


Hello World! Harsh here
I'm an average developer who makes a lot of mistakes and writing bad code is my speciality. Nevertheless, I'm still learning and improving myself. Hope to meet mind blowing and exceptional developers here.


Hi all!
Wanted to join dev.io since a very long time! Finally made it here today. Feels like home, around my developer homies. This is Tharun, DevOps Engineer Intern at PhonePe. The domains that I am into are web development, app development, devOps, blogging, content creation, course creation, podcasting. You can find my website on tharunshiv.com , stay connected to get a taste of my podcasts.
Looking forward to Learn a lot and share a lot!

Excited to See what's up with dev.to!


Hi Friends, I am Naveen having 4 Years of experience as a IT Professional. I have knowledge of Developing Cross platform Mobile app using Xamarin Technology.

I am here to learn new technology and to get help on React problems if any.


Ahoy fellow developers! I'm Rishabh Tatiraju. I am currently in Pune, India and professionally I develop native Android developer and a Python developer. Recent joiner of the tech writing world. The first time I used a computer was when I was aged 10 - it was a Windows ME machine with 8 Gigs of HDD and some 128 MB of RAM (a big deal back then). Started programming at the age of 14, when I used to build simple UI applications using Visual Basic. Entered into the world of Android Development in 2015, and since then have expanded into full-stack development (mainly using Python as the backend language) and computer vision. Glad to be on board!


Hi all,
I just found DEV reading an article by the author of RepoDb; I'm a C# programmer (formerly, since version 1.0, a VB programmer :) ), SQL Server, MySql, always enjoyning learning new things. My love for computer science was born in 1968, when I was a boy and I met HAL 9000. The love is still maybe the bigger in my life...


Hello everyone!
Happy to join this lovely community :)

Greetings to y'all from Argentina!


Mucha gracias loco! 😁😁


Hey this is my first community ,I'm a beginner software developer


Hello! My name is Alberto.
I'm from 🇮🇹, but I live & work in Sydney.


So I can have 🦜 on my balcony!



By the flag, do you mean Mexico or Italy? I think that's the Italian flag.


Hi Oriez, I don't see any "Mexican eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake", so yeah, it's the Italian flag :)