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Software engineer and web developer with a soft spot for shell scripting. I like working on side projects in my spare time.


I finished middle school once. That was great.


Responsible for everything at my own company

Scratching my own itch: Building Notebag

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A recap of 2019 and looking towards 2020

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Managing WordPress from your terminal

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My planned side projects for 2019

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Live streaming as productivity multiplier

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I am a full-time freelancer aged 21. I work mostly in PHP and React. Last year I made approximately $75,000 in revenue. AMA!

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Breaking the rules to keep programming fun and experimental

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Building responsive email with MJML

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My approach to mentoring junior team members

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What are some things you wish your mentor did?

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How I got into freelancing

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Releasing jinx - a magical wrapper around nginx

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