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May 4 — Daily CodeNewbie Check-in Thread

You are encouraged to use this daily thread to:

  • Ask for help (all questions encouraged)
  • Explore topics you’re curious about
  • Share something you’ve written or read
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Stay accountable to your goals
  • Support your fellow programmers

Happy Coding!

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jankosutnik profile image
Jan Kosutnik • Edited

Something to keep in mind:

Building an effective website is hard.
You will be tempted to use the tools you don’t need, for the features and fancy looking effects that the end user doesn’t want to see.

diegomouradev profile image
Diego Moura

I’m a firm believer of form following function, but I was also a fashion designer for more than ten years. So, to me, the key is balance; to a point, you can have embellishments without detriment to functionality or usability. Fancy for fancy, like in fashion, only works for well-established brands.

jankosutnik profile image
Jan Kosutnik

I agree that the key is balance.
When in doubt, do less. Because adding more effects, for the sake of fancy-looking, can only distract and annoy.