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April 25 — Daily CodeNewbie Check-in Thread

You are encouraged to use this daily thread to:

  • Ask for help (all questions encouraged)
  • Explore topics you’re curious about
  • Share something you’ve written or read
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Stay accountable to your goals
  • Support your fellow programmers

Happy Coding!

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Top comments (6)

aaronmccollum profile image
Aaron McCollum

Finishing my first week's worth of lessons on eDX and doing a side project for fun: building a learning site for my current job based off of excel sheets we have currently.

I'm also making notes of questions I have in my lesson that are not fully explained, and I'll be posting as a blog post later today on DEV (and regularly updating it when people answer, with credit given to the answer-giver).

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Sounds like great progress on both fronts. I think it's a great idea to take notes of concepts that need a bit more explanation, and then to gather answers + share those more widely. You're helping yourself, and the direct next person who is going through those lessons!

aaronmccollum profile image
Aaron McCollum

Hey Peter, thanks! You got it. If I'm asking it, I'm sure others have or will wonder about the same things.

purplexmoss profile image

while i've already built some nice pages using HTML and CSS, i really want my CSS to be as clean and streamlined as possible, especially as i move into Javascript and frameworks. so i've been working through Angela Yu's Complete Web Dev Bootcamp to ensure i have a good foundation and to guide me to the next level. it was worth it for me not to skip through the basics (i just watched those on 2x playback speed 😉) because i picked up some small tidbits of good knowledge that i missed while teaching myself, and i can use this to clean up code on the pages i've already built. cheers!

lauragyre profile image
Laura Gyre • Edited

I finally got a javascript thing working with HTML/CSS! It's a rock, paper scissors game with clickable buttons.

I'm also thinking about blogging, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've heard it's good to blog about what you're learning, but I've also heard it's good to have a custom, hand-coded site. I made my own site but am just learning HTML/CSS/javascript I'm wondering what would be the easiest or best learning experience way to move toward blog functions.

vanaf1979 profile image
Stephan Nijman • Edited

In my experience blogging can really help you to solidify your learning. Trying to explain something to someone else gives you a better understanding of the topic.

As for your "how to start" question:

  • You can start right here. Dev is a really nice place to publish your writing and it's a much faster way of finding a audience which is the real hard part of blogging. You can always move your writing to your own blog and change the canonical links in the future.

  • If you want to build your own blog with a Cms it all really depends on what language you want to learn. There are Cms systems for many languages out there. I would suggest you first explore the options in this regard.


EDIT: Had a look at your profile, and it seems you already figured this stuff out! :p