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April 20 — Daily CodeNewbie Check-in Thread

You are encouraged to use this daily thread to:

  • Ask for help (all questions encouraged)
  • Explore topics you’re curious about
  • Share something you’ve written or read
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Stay accountable to your goals
  • Support your fellow programmers

Happy Coding!

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Top comments (6)

lauragyre profile image
Laura Gyre

Hooray! I need this a lot right now. I've lost my job due to Coronavirus and decided to build myself a (probably full stack) web development bootcamp, since my needs are pretty specific -- but I am really missing the idea of networking and having an accountability group like I would in an actual bootcamp. Anyway, I'm on day 10 of a #100daysofcode challenge (lauragyre on twitter if you're interested), having reviewed HTML and CSS and currently working on JavaScript functions. And I'm starting to have an idea for a portfolio site, but it involves learning to animate an actual drawing, which seems like fun but I haven't even started the where-to-start-tackling-that-challenge challenge for that one. Looking forward to meeting other newbies!

gregfullard profile image
Greg Fullard

Sounds like a cool project. Will keep an eye out on twitter

andyhaskell profile image
Andy Haskell

Just released my Go tutorial series on building an API client from scratch!

taeluralexis profile image
Tae'lur Alexis 🦄⚛

Yessss thank you! You know I’m checking it out and supporting

andyhaskell profile image
Andy Haskell

Thanks!! Hope you like it!

botanical profile image
Jennifer Tran

I'm reading through a book on designing Event Driven systems. Sometimes, I find most of my time is spent looking up terms or concepts as opposed to reading, but I know that is just a part of learning. Can anyone else relate? 😅

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