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What Was Your First-ever Email Address & Do You Still Use It Today?

Alright, time to reveal some ancient history! What was your very first email address back in the day? And don't worry, we won't judge you for your cringy teenage email names (cough gamer_girl123 cough). Do we have any legacy AOL users? Yahoo, anyone? Bonus points if you still use it today! 😉

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Ben Sinclair

It was a combination of the department name and my name when I was at university.

My first work email after that was which is the kind of domain you won't see a lot!

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Ben Halpern — do not use it

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Jean-Michel 🕵🏻‍♂️ Fayard • Edited

It was the email internet service provider, which I change two years later and lost access to all my emails. That's when I realized it was a very bad idea to have your email depends on your ISP.

In 2003 Gmail changed everything and I didn't migrate since then. I still remember this article from Paul Buchheit, Gmail's original author who explained its approach to product management

What's the right approach to new products? Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else. Those three attributes define the fundamental essence and value of the product -- the rest is noise.

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Thomas Bnt ☕ • Edited

Owh woah this title of post memorate me another post from @ben

It was a for me, but can't access to this oOooOooold account because I've been stolen.

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Julian Nicholls • Edited

My first ever email address would have been when I was seconded to Symantec in 1994.

Then, when I got back to Blighty, I got the company set up on Demon Internet, so my second one would have been

I haven't used either of those since 1994 and 1998 respectively.

I've had my two main current email addresses for 15-20 years.

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Michael Baas

I guess it was but that's loong gone.
Later I've setup the stupidly long & redundant expecting to never really use it as my main traffic comes through other domains and its only aggregated by gmail - but still, I should've picker a shorter name ;)

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Erin A Olinick

Fun fact: The first email address ever created was "tomlinson@bbn-tenexa," which was created by computer engineer Ray Tomlinson in 1971. Tomlinson is also credited with inventing the use of the "@" symbol in email addresses to separate the user name from the destination address.

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Ralph Hightower Lynmax1 is the kennel name that we use for in the AKC
Logic Source was a local dialup ISP that has since gone kaput.

  1. It is a combination my wife's and my middle name (contraction). 

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Eric F 🇺🇦

I'm not sure exactly what the 1st email address was, might've been a free address through a phone service or free host ISP. But… One of the first, if not the first, is my main email. My uncle setup our domain, with websites and email addresses back in 1998-99.

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Freddy González


Luisito is the diminutive of my first name Luis and Chester is my dog's name. I lost access way long time ago, then recovered with support assistance and then forgot again.

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Paweł Świątkowski

The really first one - I don't remember neither the username, nor the free service where I registered it. I only used that 3-4 times though.

The first one I actually used for years is no longer in use, although I think I have some redirect set up. I was a free mailbox on one of popular Polish vortals (anyone still uses that term today?). Pretty crappy and ads-ridden, but that was the reality of the times.

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I don't remember the address exactly, but it was, which was my parents' ISP. That company doesn't exist anymore. Funny, at that time (early 2000s) everyone had email from their ISP. I remember Gmail was invite only and everyone was trying to get invites.

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I love integers

The username is purely random and meaningless.
I am still using it now.

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My first email was in the university student "BBS" (yes, it was called like that). A Motorola 68010 with a few megs of ram that hosted a little less than 1k students on HP-UX. The only interface available were the VT100 terminals around the campus. Only upper-year students, and only for certain courses, had access to the B/W Sun graphics terminals that were starting to pop up. And those had Mosaic installed...

Then I got a Yahoo account, a few months after it opened. And one of the first accounts, the first mass ISP in Italy in late 1998. And finally, Gmail, of course.

Yes, I'm old; I'm a 5-digit slashdot user.

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Ervin Szilagyi

I have a yahoo email address, which is still active. I wont share it here, it had way many stuff connected to it.
It is my name and a random number, so nothing really embarrassing.

Unfortunately, it was part of several breaches over the time, so at this point is essentially unusable.