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It has been a crazy past 3 weeks. As we are moving into the holiday season I have decided to take some time off. Which means that for the next few weeks there will be no live stream 😭. There is one thing that I have been enjoying, and wanting to get better at, that I will continue - writing.

It has been a goal of mine to get better at writing. To get better at written communication. I have been reading a lot more, and I notice my comfort level with words starting to increase. I don't want to lose that. My posts about have not been great examples of excellent writing. I am more excited about the code and producing the product that I neglect the communication. I want to change this over my break.

I will still be coding. Now that I do a lot less of it at work (actually none of it) it has become a much more enjoyable past time for me. But I want to continue the habit I have developed of writing the update every week. I do want to make them better. I want to focus on the content and communication rather than the product. So here is my first, more communicative post.

I have been working as a full stack developer/team lead for the past 3 years. The company that I worked for recently got acquired, and two weeks ago I got a new position in the parent company. I am now the director of software development for a 300 person company. I am excited about this new role, and I only see massive opportunity. I want to start talking a more about that. I will be creating development standards, helping with new acquisitions, developing hiring practices and building new development teams. This company and the experience is nothing like I have never experienced. So I want to talk more about it. Talk more about the problems we encounter. Our solutions. My experience shifting a company culture by building empowered teams.

Besides that I will continue to build I have recently finished reading "Start with Why", a brilliant book about leadership. As I continue to develop I want to make sure I follow some of the principles from that book. I will be working on developing's purpose - it's Why. I am positive I am close to it. What's important about the Why, is alignment of every part of the application and business with the Why. That is what my focus will be for the next couple of weeks.

I will continue to write. More than likely every Wednesday, but I am going to encourage myself to write more spontaneously. I will be writing about and my mission to find and align with Why. As well as my journey through my new role as director of software development. I am sure there will be some random nonsense in there as well.

If anything I talk about interests you, you can follow me on Twitter for smaller, real-time bits. Make sure to take a break, relax, and make space for creativity.

Thanks for reading ❀️

I am on a kick 🦡 right now. In my new role I have been meeting and talking with a lot of new people. AND I LOVE IT! So if you want to chat about anything, I am here to listen πŸ‘‚.

All feedback about my writing is welcome! I am working at getting better. There is nothing more helpful than your opinion.

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