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Let's build - Week 6

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Another week another set of hours to think. To think about how the project is going and the potential it has to make peoples lives better. This past week I looked back at what I accomplished so far with, and let me tell you it is not much. It was a blow to my moral to look and see lots done all over the place, but nothing useable or cohesive. It did not feel great. So I decided to make a change.

I am starting from the beginning. I have tossed out the work I have done so far (I did keep it in a branch so I can still reference it). There are some great pieces of work and great functionality in there. In the future I will most definitely be using them. For now no one is able to see the hard work and nice animations because there is no app. So I have shifted my goal, or started to focus more, to get the app working. It will not be beautiful - but useable. Enough that I can start to talk with people, get feedback, and iterate to fix issues and release new features.

I am keeping my mind empty. A great friend of mine spent some time with me creating the simplest version of a useable app. Some super simple screens to accomplish the bare minimum. That is what I am going to work on. The screens. If I keep it simple, and stay focused I can have all the screens done in 2 weeks. If I am able to do one a day would take me 7 days. It feels right.

This week and the following weeks until I have the screens complete I am going to keep the stream ultra simple. I enjoy spending my time listening and talking with y'all and I will continue to do so. The code may not be amazing or exciting but it is progress.

This week I will be working on 2 screens. The landing page for organizers and the community creation screen. While I am doing this I will be building out a component library with my latest 3 favourite technologies:

  1. React
  2. Styled Components
  3. Framer Motion

Come and join me, let's have a great chat and build some components!

Stream starts tonight at 9PM EST (click the link to see the time in your timezone) on twitch. Follow me to stay up to day with Flawks progress!

We have a public roadmap! You can vote for features you want to see and submit your own feature requests!

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