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Flawk Live Stream Outline - Week 2

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We have a public roadmap! You can vote for features you want to see!


Every week I do a stream as I build out my new company flawk.to. I have posted a little about this previously (#1, #2) and will continue to write about it as time goes on. Some feedback I got on how to make my streaming more useful for others was a plan! So each week I will be posting an outline of what I will be doing in the stream and what the goals of that stream will be.

Here is last weeks plan and recorded video:

Plan: https://dev.to/ericadamski/flawk-live-stream-outline-week-1-gh6
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tiy-P1HvQRI

For this week I will be:

Adding a nice on boarding process for people signing up to flawk. We will be using react and lots of hooks! Then I'll be switching gears into a more CSS heavy mode. I will be creating components that will react to the users authenticated state and give the user the ability to edit their individual profile as well as the profile of their community (if they have one). If I am feeling up to it I will be doing some web scrapping with puppeteer 🤗

By the end of the stream I should:

  • Create an account and an initial community.
  • Be able to edit my account and community.
  • Log out!

Looking forward to seeing y'all on the stream! I will be streaming over here https://www.twitch.tv/ericadamski starting at 9PM EST

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