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Flawk Live Stream Outline - Week 4

Cover Photo by JOSE LARRAZOLO on Unsplash

Edit: I will be postponing the stream so I can rest an fight a cold, will update when I reschedule.

We have a public roadmap! You can vote for features you want to see!

Every week I do a stream as I build out my new company I have posted a little about this previously (#1, #2) and will continue to write about it as time goes on. Some feedback I got on how to make my streaming more useful for others was a plan! So each week I will be posting an outline of what I will be doing in the stream and what the goals of that stream will be.

Here is last weeks plan and video:

For this week I will be:

A really important part of any web application is the ability to feed it data. Currently in Flawk I have been hard coding all of the forms. What I would really like is to have the Mongoose models I have already defined, and that hold the context of the systems data, generate the HTML for them selves!

Going to be going deep into Mongoose docs. Will be writing a lot of hooks and possibly getting into using some context 🤔. It should be an interesting foray into some more powerful features of JavaScript and the real reasons I love it so much as a language.

By the end of the stream I should:

  • Have working forms

Looking forward to seeing y'all on the stream! I will be streaming over here starting at 9PM EST

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